Thai Music I Like – Gluay R-Siam – “I’m A Flirt”

Something different for my Saturday … Well different for you, I’ve heard it before, it’s awesome.

If I’m honest I don’t really like a lot of the Thai music, but this girl caught my eye, or ear whichever way you want to look at it !

Her name is “Gluay” which means Banana. I’m told also that’s she lesbian, which I probably should have figured out, but then I’m not that observant. The song name is written “ที่ฉันเจ้าชู้”, which means “I’m a flirt”, full title “ที่ฉันเจ้าชู้ กล้วย อาร์ สยาม”. I think this is correct, if not then shoot me or tell me where I made a mistake 🙂 - Gluay R-Siam – Gluay R-Siam

I like catchy pop tunes (as part of my vast musical taste which encompasses many genres, I hasten to add before I get pigeon-holed). It’s easy to listen to, upbeat and I enjoy it.

I enjoyed this song before I knew what the song was called or what she was singing about, this is how I tend to listen to music anyway, I enjoy the sound experience not thinking about what they are singing. It’s a bit like looking at a sunset, naming the colours and then comparing yesterdays sunset, versus just sitting there and basking in all it’s heavenly glory.

She certainly has a great voice, and awesome spirit. A fun song. She’s also done a ballad I’ll post later.


(*) ที่ฉันเจ้าชู้ เพราะอยากเจอเนื้อคู่เร็ว เร็ว
Tee chun jao choo pror yahk jur neua koo riew riew
I’m a flirt because I want to find my soulmate quickly
อยู่คนเดียวแล้วมันก็เฟล อยากมีคนอยู่ข้าง ข้าง
Yoo kon diao laeo mun gor fell yahk mee kon yoo kahng kahng
Being alone, I’ve fallen, I want someone by my side
นิสัยเจ้าชู้ อาจจะดูขวางตาไปบ้าง
Nisai jao choo aht ja doo kwahng dtah bpai bahng
I have the habits of a flirt, it might seem like I’m playing around
น่าหมั่นไส้แค่ไหนก็ช่าง แต่ก็อยากให้เข้าใจ
Nah mun sai kae nai gor chahng dtae gor yahk hai kao jai
However much you find it irritating, screw it, but I want you to understand

ก็มันเหงา ก็มันเหงา ก็คนมันเหงา
Gor mun ngao gor mun ngao gor kon mun ngao
It’s lonely, it’s lonely, people get lonely
ไม่มีแฟนเหมือนใคร ใครเขา จะเหงาตายให้ได้
Mai mee faen meuan krai krai kao ja ngao dtai hai dai
Without a love like everyone else, I’m lonely to death
แล้วเป็นประจำ เจอคำถามทิ่มแทงจิตใจ
Laeo bpen bprajum jur kum tahm teem taeng jit jai
So I usually find this question pricking me in my mind
เนื้อคู่ยังไม่เกิดหรือไง ใครล่ะทนได้บ้าง
Neua koo yung mai gert reu ngai krai la ton dai bahng
Has my soulmate not been born yet or what? Who could endure this?

(**) เลยจำเป็นต้องหว่าน เน้นปริมาณหน่อย
Loey jum bpen dtaung wahn nen bparimahn noy
So I must flaunt and accentuate my assets
มีมาให้เลือกก็น้อย กลัวไม่ได้อย่างที่หวัง
Mee mah hai leuak gor noy glua mai dai yahng tee wung
I don’t have much to choose from, I’m afraid things aren’t as I had hoped

อาจจะควงเยอะเกินไปมั่ง แต่ก็อยากให้เข้าใจ
Aht ja kuang yur gern bpai mung dtae gor yahk hai kao jai
Perhaps I might go on too many dates, but I want you to understand

ช้ามันช้า คบแบบทีละคนมันช้า
Chah mun chah kop baep tee la kon mun chah
It’s slow, it’s slow, dating one person at a time is slow
กว่าจะกรองคัดเลือกเสาะหา มันเสียเวลาได้
Gwah ja graung kut leuak sor hah mun sia welah dai
Until I sift through and choose someone, it’s a waste of time
แล้วถ้ามีช้อยส์ แค่คนเดียวให้เลือกมาใช้
Laeo tah mee choice kae kon diao hai leuak mah chai
If I only had the choice of one person, I could use that decision
ถ้าไม่ดีแล้วมันไม่ใช่ ใครรับผิดชอบบ้าง
Tah mai dee laeo mun mai chai krai rup pit chaup bahng
If it’s no good, then they’re not the one, who will take responsibility?

อาจจะควงเยอะเกินไปมั่ง แต่ก็อยากให้เข้าใจ
Aht ja kuang yur gern bpai mung dtae gor yahk hai kao jai
Perhaps I might go on too many dates, but I want you to understand


Don Charisma

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8 thoughts on “Thai Music I Like – Gluay R-Siam – “I’m A Flirt”

  1. This song sounds fun! I was thinking that the singer has a ‘boys voice’ until I went to read the explanations of the song, and yeah you prove me that the singer is a girl lol. Nice song, seriously :p

    1. It’s quite pop’ey, and not particularly sophisticated, but I like it, perhaps just for those reasons. Not sure it’s for everyone, but I like to post different stuff, people can learn a little about different cultures or not up to them … and thanks for comment 🙂

      Warm regards DC

      1. Well that’s a good idea for living Don, especially blogging hehe, we can learn new things from somebody that we follow..

        Thanks for sharing, have a nice day x 🙂

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