Shock At Receiving Bills

Four Awards For Late Payment Rip Off – Name and Shame

I’ve had my fair share of these late payment charges. In the past I used to be lazy and pay my bills late, so annoying but fair enough, my own fault. These days I’m very on the ball as I don’t have much money. I have simplified my finances and plan for making sure all bills are paid on time. However there have been four recent examples where late payment charges were unjustified, and who likes to lose money needlessly ? Shock At Receiving Bills Shock At Receiving Bills

You’d think just sending a letter or email explaining the circumstances and these organisations would reverse the charges. But no in the current days of mean spiritedness, they don’t. They ignore, then instruct debt collector or worse raise a court action. It’s more money for them to go into their profits.

Without further ado …

Fourth Prize – Blue Property Management UK – Total potential cost to me £100

Blue Property Management UK collect a service charge from me for maintaining a property. The took over as managers because the previous agent became very ill. I disputed some of the charges and asked for explanation of some of the charges, hence not paying the principal amount, it’s in dispute. They went ahead and slapped late payment charges anyway. They have not answered any of my letters or emails and every time I get a statement from them the charges are still there. As yet unpaid and unresolved to my satisfaction.

Third Prize – E&J Estates – Total potential cost to me £100

E&J Estates collect a ground rent payment, as they purchased the freehold of a property I own. Previously the ground rent was collected by the managing agents. E&J bought the freehold. They did issue a number of letters, but failed to explain who they are and failed to explain for which period the demands related. First off I don’t pay money to unknowns who don’t explain who they are. And secondly I don’t pay bills where people aren’t exact in what they say charge relates to. I have contacted them by email and they have refused to reverse the charges. As yet unpaid and unresolved to my satisfaction.

Second Prize – Sorrell Property – Total potential cost to me £500

Sorrell collect a ground rent payment from me on behalf of a freeholder. I paid them on time and in full. Their clerical staff made a mistake. They sent letters demanding payment for ground rent I’d already paid. Then they instructed a debt collector and threatened court action. Each debt collectors letter the amount goes up £100 or £200. In the end I had to send eight stern signed for letters. It seems that they have decided to drop it, but no apology. They continue to be rude and arrogant, not even admitting they made a mistake and no recognition of my wasted time, money and effort. I could petition the directors of the company that manages the property for their dismal, I might still do that.

FIRST Prize – Barclaycard – Actual cost to me £4000

But first prize for the biggest late-payment rip off I’ve ever experienced goes to Barclaycard. At the time I was extremely short of money, and as a last resort I borrowed money on my credit card at low interest. In the small print which I didn’t read, there’s a clause that the rate reverts from the low rate to 29% APR if you fail to make any of the payments. So what happens, my bank doesn’t honour one of the payments. And viola, now I’m paying stupid amounts of interest each month. I didn’t have the money to clear it for about 9 months. I wrote to Barclaycard, explaining, but they refused to do anything about it.


I’m not sure of the legality of these “late payment” charges. In these days where a lot of people don’t have a lot of money, of course company’s profits are down so they are looking for ways to claw it back. Late payment charges work well for a bit of extra profit.

As a consumer the cards are stacked against me. The big company can afford to pay debt collector and fast track through the court. This ends up being expensive for me, and puts a black mark on my credit file, and cheap for the company pursuing it. Most consumers like myself therefore don’t generally tend to bother to fight, because they often don’t know exactly their rights, and it’s a tremendous effort and perhaps expense to fight. Bottom line, this is bullying, corporate bullying of small people like myself. So I name and shame in effort to stand up for myself and to spread the word about these nefarious late payment rip offs.

13 thoughts on “Four Awards For Late Payment Rip Off – Name and Shame

  1. How did you get on with E&J Estates? I am going through a similar issue. I requested a change of address but this obvious wasn’t updated so my bills continued to go to the flat. It wasn’t until the all the charges were added to the bill that the solicitors used my e-mail address. So the first bill I see is for £500 instead of £50. Of course it’s my responsibility to update my address and ensure the charge is paid but it simply wasn’t on my radar. I contacted both companies and waiting a response. I not holding out much hope that this will be resolved without going to court.


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  3. Everyone is in it for the profit these days it seems. I don’t like that I get charged on my phone bills because I don’t want them emailed to me.
    There is actually a class action going on over here right now against one of the major banks for recovery of unreasonable fees.

    1. Yup same in UK. And we have to prove address with bills, if all of them are online delivered, then how does one prove address ?

      Glad to hear they are taking action in Aus about this kind of thing, it does make my blood boil, I can only write about it after the fact, if that makes sense …

  4. I was just sent a bill for the cost of renewing my tenancy agreement for another year. It’s the same as last year’s contract. I can’t believe it took more than 10 minutes to prepare, and I don’t see why any cost involved should be passed on to me. But it’s common practice apparently. Just one of many of the dodgy fees we have to swallow.

    1. I have the same. Even the agent will make the contract for six months instead of a year so they get the fees again. Inventories I get charged for again, where they just have to go back and check, not even make a new inventory. I could go on with many stories of being ripped off in the property industry, but don’t have all day. Bottom line, just try and get the best deal you can, whilst protecting your investment. Some agents do do a very good job and are probably worth the money. Hopefully property markets will pick up soon, cap values and rents increase. warm regards DC

      1. Thanks Don. I am getting stung both ways as I rent out a house in the town I used to live in, but am a tenant in my new town. I seem to be paying the sets of same fees both ways. Anyway, as you say we could go on about this all day. Thanks for the post. HP

      2. Sounds frustrating !

        Bottom line just make it work as best you can for yourself. The house you own will be a good investment I hope, and renting gives you the flexibility to live where you want. So there are pluses, always … You are welcome, warm regards DC

  5. Maybe you should contact EU to ask for the rules about late payments. You can also try to search at their website and then print out at send to this suspected companies. Maybe also try to find other to take care of your property, they could be cheeper.
    I wish you good luck.

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