Most Likes Day

Busy Days on Don Charisma, Thank YOU

My blog has been very busy past few days. So thank you to all those who’ve visited, followed, commented and liked. Together you broke my previous record with a total of 734 likes in one day according to WordPress (12-Dec). I am staggered, and obviously grateful, you are all awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 Most Likes Day Most Likes Day

I thoroughly enjoy my blog, the visitors and coming up with new ideas, it’s really fun. But mostly the awesome people I’m in contact with every day. Also I really enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills and share the fruits.

Whilst it’s not always easy or plain sailing, I wanted to show that hard work often does pay off. Also wanted to share how happy it makes me to see to so much support, very happy indeed.

Warm regards

Don Charisma


This starting to make me just a little paranoid, 666 previous likes, I go into dashboard and 6666 comments … Scary stuff ! Comments 6666 Comments 6666

49 thoughts on “Busy Days on Don Charisma, Thank YOU

    1. LOL Thanks Sharon, I’m really pleased and thank you I’ve seen you in liking 🙂

      Has got me a little paranoid thought, previous likes 666 and now I checked my comments … 6666 comments …

  1. 734 likes in one day! Whoa! I beat my record too. I had like 17 likes in one day breaking my previous record of 13 or 14! Whoo-hoo!!!! You just rock on with your bad self! 😀

      1. Were you in Thailand when you got it? Cause you took some pretty cool non-touristy pictures while you were there… 🙂

      2. I loved Tahiti. My father was a traveler not a tourist so I got my sense of how one travels from him. I have slept in Buddhist monasteries in Nara, Japan to camping in a fruit orchard in Utah. I had a lot of fun growing up 🙂

      3. Sounds like you’ve had an interesting time…I’ve not been in Tahiti, but it’s definitely on my list …I don’t know I consider myself a traveller, but most of the tourist stuff bores me, so maybe I should just call myself a traveller and have done with it …

      4. Just call yourself a traveler and have done with it. Because if you are not a tourist, you are a traveler….

      1. Perhaps. I am currently aiming to be as popular as the blog HarsH ReaLity (I think that is how he spells it). He has like some 30,000 followers in a little under a year. He’s gone viral in the blogging world, and he’s funny.

        I honestly don’t care how many likes I get. If you like it great, if you don’t, hopefully I made you think.

        I think you do not get a whole lot of likes when you write about mental illness. It can be a harsh topic, but it has its humorous moments 😀

        Carry on carrying on (sounds like a Crosby, Stills and Nash song)

      2. Joe Dirt was a cool movie. Seen it a couple of times…..some of his better work, I think 🙂

      3. It was actually meaningful, and it was creative. Unlike him and Chris Farley getting juiced on nitrous in Tommy Boy, I think….. Although, that was funny, just not real meaningful 🙂

  2. OH MY GREAT PENTEL ARTS POCKET BRUSH PEN!!!!! your record was that number too?!!!(666) (I hit that number a while ago, it was really scary and was on Halloween >_<)

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