My First Ideo – Christmas Lights

Why is it an ideo? Well I got the idea from Opinionated Man. He was doing vadeos, that is videos without video, audio only … So An “Ideo”, is a video without any decent sound, that’s taken by an idiot, that’d be me, the totally clueless videographer …

So it’s an experiment … Rationale, I did try to photograph these flashy lights, but my panorama won’t stitch the images together, because there aren’t any fixed points on the photos, and can’t get a wide enough angle to do it justice … So funk it, try a video …

I had to flip the video, because when taking iPhone videos, the volume control buttons must be on top, and I didn’t know this ! – check here for more details.

The portrait at the beginning is of the Thai king. The rest of the video shows the flashy lights that the resort have put outside their restaurant, for Christmas and New Year.

9 thoughts on “My First Ideo – Christmas Lights

  1. Loved the blue lights on the trees in the background. So pretty.
    btw looks like OM has closed his blog again (and shut down his email account). Why do trolls cause so much trouble? 😦

    1. Thanks, it’s a first attempt, but I will improve 🙂

      Trolls, because they are empty and miserable on the inside, they hate themselves, they envy others, and it makes them feel better if someone else is suffering as much as they are, there lives are so empty and pointless that they look to hurt those that are enjoying their lives … the buddhas amongst us would have compassion, but I’m not a buddha, so I tend to ignore ’em, then squash ’em if they don’t get the message.

      PS best to stay clear of them to avoid problems in the first place

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