Colourful-Lantern Loy Catong Festival

Beautiful Red Lantern

During the recent Loy Catong festival I snapped this red lantern, which is suspended on an electrical wire and lights up an al fresco buffet dining area from a local hotel. More photos to come 🙂 Colourful-Lantern Loy Catong Festival Colourful-Lantern Loy Catong Festival

Photos (c) Don Charisma, taken Thailand, Nov-2013

13 thoughts on “Beautiful Red Lantern

  1. This is so pretty Don. Love the colour.
    I’m sorry you didn’t understand things I say. The Garden Gnome is my nickname for my man. The Tween is my daughter – she is between a child and a teen (hence tween). 😉

    1. I’ve got some more, the whole set i post for you later

      LOL, I figure them out for myself, don’t worry … although I did think your tween was older, like in twenties where the “tw” came from, and then a joke about her still acting like a teenager … but your photos cleared that up !

      1. Not so good but improving. My blog contributions have been slow. Was so excited as I had my first offer to go visit a winery and write a blog post on my visit ( the exciting thing I had upcoming for December) . Sadly my FIL had an extreme fall down steps and needed life saving surgery so blog life as I knew it was put on hold . But he’s on the mend and the winery has said they’d welcome me in the New a Year. Life happens 🙂 health and family are most important . Hope the world’ s being good to u 🙂

      2. Sorry to hear that, and obviously my sympathies.

        My “Austrialian” isn’t all that great so I don’t always get the tweens and garden gnome things, so be gentle with me 🙂 Took some severe Don Charisma brainpower to figure out FIL but I get it LOL

        Just do the best that you can, the time will come later, important to make sure your health, wealth and happiness are taken care of first, and that includes loved ones. Patience is something we all benefit from.

        Things are well for me, ups and downs, but happy enough. Enjoying doing my blog, and looking around at where the money is going to come from and how I can improve and produce interesting content 🙂

        Take good care, and be in touch when you can …

        Warm regards


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