Graffiti Wall Walkorama

“ART VENTURE” Graffiti Wall Walkorama

I walked past this Graffiti and it’s one of the best I’ve seen locally. Glad I photographed it, because I went back a few days later and the middle section had been removed !

I’m calling it a “Walkorama” because the photos are taken in parallel. Also rolls off the tongue easier than Parallelorama (try saying that after a few beers !) Basically, I take the first shot, walk a bit, take the second shot and so on, this one is 3 shots stitched together. Canon Photostitch did a reasonable job, but Photoshop managed to get the panels behind to line up properly – so this image came out of Photoshop CS6. Graffiti Wall Walkorama Graffiti Wall Walkorama

(c) Don Charisma, photos taken in Thailand, 2013

26 thoughts on ““ART VENTURE” Graffiti Wall Walkorama

  1. Some graffiti is just awesome. This is one such example. If you love graffiti, you have to visit Melbourne. It has the most awesome stuff. Now, I’m going to have to find the photos to share you know. 🙂

    1. You’re in melbourne ? It’s just I have a good friend who lives there … If I ever manage to make any money then I plan to visit 🙂

      Blog back online I posted about it. Thanks for the message, it was appreciated that there were people who “missed” me …



      1. No. I’m not in Melbourne. My son and daughter-in-law live there and were there for a visit.
        Glad you’re back online now. I did a post about the Melbourne graffiti. 🙂

      2. Ah ok, not been in Aus yet, have friend in Melbourne and also Sydney … the Sydney one is coming to visit for xmas 🙂

        Saw your post, and left you comment …

  2. Nice graffiti. The most graffitied place I’ve ever been has to be Naples, anything that doesn’t move there is immediately painted. Here mostly it’s just boring tags, although occasionally there’s something good and we have some great council sponsored graffiti, sadly the taggers have been to work on it after though.

    1. What puzzles me is how these people afford the paint, it’s not cheap and you need many cans to do a decent size piece ?

      I like graffiti if it’s done well and tastefully and in a “responsible” way, painting trains I think is vandalism for instance …

    1. Depends on how it’s done, walls aside train tracks might be great, but doing it on the side of train is a nuisance and destructive, and just ends up meaning people pay more for their transport … as an example !

  3. Oh! So sad that they want to remove art… Why? Does it really look that shabby to them? Where’s the feeling? Where’s the passion? Where’s the art kit? LOL!

    1. Agree, the designs are often awesome so a real shame to take them down in most instances … but suspect it’s not Graffiti-haters, it seems to be bordering a piece of land, and I think they may be doing something with the land … the boards that it’s on are “temporary-ish”

    1. I’d love to but at the moment it’s a question of finances, maybe once I’ve made my online fortune … would love to have a go at it actually, but for now I’m enjoying Photoshop … I’ve got another photo, I can’t actually read what it says, will post later …

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