Big Sky Balcony Panorama

What a wonderful, big, sky !

4w x 1h portrait HDR photos iPhone 4s, stitched with PTGui Pro.

(c) Don Charisma, photos taken in Thailand, 2013

18 thoughts on “Big Sky Balcony Panorama

  1. Since I often see a similar skyline, I am assuming you take this photo from your flat/apartment. Once again, the sky is lovely. And I love the feature of the tower in the centre.

    1. Yes, but technically as Thailand is heavily american influenced it’s a condo, brits call it flat or apartment, maybe aussies do too ?

      Thanks, I get some good photos out of my iphone … have postponed my Nikon DLSR purchase until my WordAds pays off, probably Christmas 2018 then !

      1. We call it a flat but apartment seems to be moving into the real estate vocabulary these days. Good luck with your purchase. I’m a Canon girl myself 🙂

      2. Same in UK …

        I used to be a Canon boy, but was a little disappointed with the two Canon digitals that I had the pictures always looked a little bit like TV pictures … My Nikon was stolen by a couple of skanky gipsy girls, something to tell the grand-kids I guess !

      3. You sure you want me to answer that ? Let’s just say not having high enough standards and not watching out for my valuables well enough 😎

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