Thai Traditional Buddhist Shrine

Traditional Thai Shrine, On The Beach

Took this on the beach, near the big pipe. The same big pipe the guy was chatting on his phone, I posted recently (sunset photo).

The Thais pray at these Shrines which are everywhere. They also “wai” them as they walk past. To “wai” is to hold the hands together in front of the face, a mark of respect and a greeting. Younger people should initiate the “wai” as a mark of respect for their elders. Although I am not Thai, I often “wai” to say thankyou when someone has helped me or made me feel that they needed my respect.

I actually combined an HDR and non-HDR to get an in-focus foreground and the nice looking sea and sky behind:) Reason, the HDR photo was blurry and the non-HDR photo the sea and sky washed out. Thai Traditional Buddhist Shrine Thai Traditional Buddhist Shrine

(c) Don Charisma, taken in Thailand Nov-2013

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