Copper Vases Restaurant 2

Copper “Vases” with Random Texting Guy

I really like these “vases” a lovely decoration outside the restaurant. Possibly a little bit phallic from this angle, albeit flaccid  !

Hopefully someone will tell me what the proper name for an ornamental object that looks like a vase is ?

The random texting guy wouldn’t get out of the shot, so I thought to heck with it, include him in it too … Man with camera, don’t make any effort to get out of the way, you’re in the shot my friend … Copper Vases Restaurant 2 Copper Vases Restaurant 2

(c) Don Charisma, taken in Thailand Nov-2013

14 thoughts on “Copper “Vases” with Random Texting Guy

  1. Bet if you had asked him his name for your blog he would have run really fast in another direction. The vases are beautiful, but unfortunately for me, too large. The man, however…. 🙂

    1. Isn’t me in the photo … And I think he might be gay as it’s a gay area … if I see him again I’ll ask him for you !

      Probably if I had moved closer and started taking photos of him would have had the same effect …

      1. As long as he doesn’t get my address, just in case he’s not gay. Of course, if you had moved closer you might have had a “date” yourself that night. 🙂

    1. 🙂 sorry about that suz, I didn’t see it until editing, and thought I ought to mention it … not that I am, but the area is a little bit gay oriented, so no surprise … it’s interesting because often I find gay areas LESS full of sleezebags, and this area makes a lovely evening walk, without too many people trying to sell me something:)

  2. Very interesting…I really like Thai traditional art. But these would be murder to get through the front door of an average sized home…and the smutty jokes would get old. Lols at the guy who wouldn’t stop texting XD!!

    – HalfEatenMind

    1. You’re absolutely right … I just really liked the colour and shape … I only noticed the phallic nature during editting …

      thanks for all the reblogs/retweets, I do see them on twitter, just I don’t use twitter that much at the moment.

      cheers DC

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