Don Charisma at Full Moon Festival – “Loy Catong”

Tonight Don Charisma will be attending “Loy Catong” festival, aka Full Moon Festival/Party. Officially written Loi Krathong.

I will try to get some photos but my night iPhone-ography doesn’t usually result in anything apart from blurry stuff, so a new challenge for me. I may have nothing to report photo-wise.


I expect to see a lot of laterns that go up into the sky, maybe some sea lanterns and fireworks. Loy Catong means like a floating little “boat”, “sea lantern”, which presumably they will put candles to make it light at night … Don’t know how that will work on the sea here !

You can check Loy Catong out here –


Photos from wikipedia:


36 thoughts on “Don Charisma at Full Moon Festival – “Loy Catong”

  1. Scrolling down my feed and seeing these pictures just put a smile on my face and made me forget I’m going to be spending a miserable day at college. Thankyou 😀

  2. I can sometimes get photos at night with my cheap Kodak digital. My goad is to get a really good photo of lightening. The only way to get that is to stand at the window and keep snapping and hoping. So far only one photo of a single streak, but still trying for one of the pretty ones. Rain seems to be over here for now though. After the tornado sirens stopped today the sun came out. That looks better after the past week of clouds and rain. Hope your photos turn out bro.

    1. I took a lot of photos and will have to edit for only a few … main problem is the colours and blurryness of night photos … for lightening I’d suggest taking a video, a lot of cameras do that, and you’ll definately get some lightening on there !

  3. Thanks for the I-Phonegraphy training Don! 😉 I also get those blurry pictures at night and I’ve been trying so many ways no to.. but I’ll try the Technic you mentioned in your comment to Mark. Wish you a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Hey Nadyness, now that’s misleading, because that’s what I use for day photos in quite good lighting conditions … for night-time shots with iPhone I have the same problems as you … I normally do figure out some short-cuts, and will let you know what they are when I do.

      Warm regards DC

      1. Aha like that! That’s a pity Don. I guess I was too excited. I’m having a hard time making pictures at night with my I-Phone so if you have any tips. I’ve tried many ways but still haven`t had the best pictures. But at least I’m happy that by day they are excellent. Have a wonderful evening Don!

      2. Hey Nadyness, I’ve made a little progress. For a simple quick enhancements on colour/tone, I’ve found that the levels works well. Use the pipette to set the white and black point. What that means is press for instance the “white pipette” and then select an area that you think is the whitest. If that doesn’t work first off try different white areas until the picture looks more how you want it. You could also try the curves with the same principle, white and black pipette. Also turning the contrast up seems to help.

        Camera blur is a lot down to holding the camera still and trying to photograph things that are not moving, so try and get your people to be still ! There is also a function in filter to “smart sharpen”, which may help.

        Hope that helps

        Warm regards


  4. How beautiful. I didn’t even realise we had a full moon until this morning. We have had rain and storms for the past week so I haven’t seen the moon. When I got up this morning, the moon was a beautiful apricot colour and just setting.

    1. Yes I could see it here too this evening, and the Sea was extremely low when we got to the beach, presumably Moon related … was nice I enjoyed, fairly relaxing, lots of sky lanterns, fireworks and catongs … pictures however no idea how they will come out !

  5. Wow! Lucky!
    I missed it just because I had to go back to my place from Koh Si Chang. I saw a lot of flying lanterns and fireworks during my journey back but it would have been nice if I could go to the real festival. 😦
    Btw, The first pic is really very beautiful!! 😀

    1. 🙂 can’t take credit for the photo, it’s a wikipedia one, but yes it caught my eye too, why I posted … it was nice relaxing festival, sky laterns, fireworks and catongs …. I’ve got a friend who owns a dive center at koh chang, small world:)

    1. Thanks, I’m more and more using the shaddows and highlights tool first, but subtly, then vibrance (<40) seems to give quite a good enhancement … also I find the auto tone, contrast, colour sometimes a quick way to improve, but often I undo it when I don't like it.

    1. Was great, very laid back in comparison to the others I’ve seen, songkran a bit too much for me … we just sat and drank a bit of whisky by the beach, fireworks, sky lanterns and of course the catongs … managed to get a load of photos not sure if any will be worth publishing, but we’ll see !

      1. 🙂 I’ve been out today and got some awesome sunsets … songkran not really a fan, if I want to get wet I can go in the pool or the sea, don’t need random idiots to do it for me … next year perhaps I’ll try and be less of a killjoy LOL

      2. lol..I have experienced 3 songkran and the best one was in Chiang Mai, still a bit crazy but less chaotic that Bangkok and on Koh Tao (even better) only lasts 1 day!

      3. I’ve had 2 and tried to keep out of it, getting completely wasted during the daytime, well it’s just not me anymore … If I’m still around next year I might put a bit more effort in, join in the spirit of things 🙂

      4. I’d like that, but although I’m overseas I don’t really travel that much … I think we’re friends on facebook, is a little more private to discuss details 🙂

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