iPhone Panorama Beach 2 Thailand Nov-2013

iPhone Panoramas, Beach, Thailand Nov-2013

I discovered my iPhone has built in Panorama function. For some reason I’ve grown to love stitching photos together and making panoramas, and usually I do it on my desktop computer at home. So I thought I’d give the built in function a try.

I’m pleased with the results, the files are quite large 6Mb and 10Mb which means that the iPhone is keeping a lot of the quality and pixels (a good thing).

Basically, in my iPhone 4s, in the camera there’s options, select panorama. First of all I do a “dry run”, that is get used to slowly panning from left to right whilst holding the iPhone as steady as possible. Where there are people or moving objects you want to try and make sure that there aren’t any objects that will move too much whilst you’re taking the panorama, so perhaps let the couple that are walking on the beach, walk by before you start shoot.

When I was ready, I press the button to take picture and then slowly pan from left to right. The iPhone fills in the rectangle that’s on the screen as you go. Job done.

The first photo bear in mind that I had direct sunlight into the lens, which is my the middle is white’ed out (not idea conditions !). In Photoshop used the shadows and highlights to tone down the highlights for better colouring. iPhone Panorama Beach 1 Thailand Nov-2013 iPhone Panorama Beach 1 Thailand Nov-2013

The second panorama, I’m actually standing with my back to the sea and the sun, so colours are a lot better… Sorry about the pile of rubbish, I didn’t put it there ! iPhone Panorama Beach 2 Thailand Nov-2013 iPhone Panorama Beach 2 Thailand Nov-2013

Pros – it’s dead quick and fast to make a panorama using iPhone built in function. And fairly easy !
Cons – it seemed to want me to fill up the whole box with panorama, ie the whole 180 degree turn. Sometimes I don’t want that much in the shot. This could be resolved by cropping the image at home on Photoshop to the size that I want.

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