Thai Eight Headed Dragon

My Final Post @ HarsH ReaLiTY – Farewell from Don Charisma

Originally posted at HarsH ReaLiTY blog.



😦 That’s all folks, I’ve already exceed by 50% what Opinionated Man asked me to do this weekend, time for me to attend to my own “flock”.

By the way, how do you say “OM” is it like “ON” but with an “M” instead of an “N” or is it like “OHHHHMMM” like the monks do in a temple ?

Anyway, I digress … Wow, what an unexpectedly awesome experience, blogging on Harsh Reality for the now NOT shadow man Opinionated Man.

And such a lot of readers, not sure you liked my stuff, but guess what, I don’t really care. Not in a bad “F you” kind of way, but in a “look, I’m doing what I like, if you like it, great, I’m happy, if not it’s the same for me”, I enjoy what I’m doing anyway.

I’ve definitely learn’t a lot, but STILL didn’t find out what kind of Dragons OM likes. Perhaps he would be kind enough to tell me now. Anyhow, this is third dragon I’ve posted for him this weekend. DUDE, you must like one of them ?

I mean this one must be 200-300 foot long, and has a main head and seven little heads, that’s EIGHT headed dragon, these Thai people don’t F around when it comes to Dragons ! Thai Eight Headed Dragon Thai Eight Headed Dragon

Pros & Cons

Pros – Great to get the opportunity to push outside my comfort zone and blog to a different audience. Exhausting days, 8 hours on one post, but that’s the way I roll. Rewarding, really rewarding. I’m aware of my own limitations and this experience has helped to improve my skill as a writer and blogger. I had a lot of fun writing the articles. I’m sure some people enjoyed them too. Challenges give me an opportunity to up my game.

Cons – I’ve made a rule (that I do break sometimes), but I don’t give negative feedback to people unless they ask a specific question. And then they will get a specific thoughtful reply. The negatives are really for me to learn from and for you to wonder about.

Would I do it again ? Probably, but there would be some additional conditions attached, if there’s a next time.

Thanks once again to all the readers of Harsh Reality and special thanks to Opinionated Man for giving me this opportunity.

You are *ALL* always more than welcome to visit my blog –

doncharisma, don charisma with logo
Don Charisma

I, like OM, am a professional, well at least semi-professional blogger, and I plan to make my living doing what I love. There are many great articles already on my blog about things like how-tos for Photoshop, Photography (I like Panoramas), SEO/Web Promotion, Annoyances, bit of geeky stuff, how-tos for bloggers, bit of graphic design and I like to write about badly behaved scammers and trolls (occasionally). Mainly I blog about what I’m doing right now or what is useful for others who are doing the same kind of thing as me.

My readers are fairly sure that they don’t know what’s next in the inboxes, which is how I like to Roll, variety is they say the spice of life.

There’s MUCH MUCH MORE that’s coming up as I’m getting to be a quicker, slicker and altogether a more Charismatic blogger.

I look forward to teaching, entertaining and enlightening some of you in the future.

Warm regards

by Don Charisma

4 thoughts on “My Final Post @ HarsH ReaLiTY – Farewell from Don Charisma

  1. I love your blog. Real outstanding and I especially love your badge on ‘NOT featured on freshly pressed’. Great sense of humour. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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