DonCharisma, DON CHARISMA, Graffiti/Bling Wall

Don Charisma Graffiti/Bling Wall, Brooklyn NYC

Look what someone did for me in Brooklyn, New York … When I saw it I couldn’t believe my eyes, my jaw just dropped, nearly feel off my chair, they’ve vandalised a whole wall for me !

DonCharisma, DON CHARISMA, Graffiti/Bling Wall
DonCharisma Graffiti/Bling Wall

Only kidding, this is Photoshop to the maximum, couple of days work … If anyone would like a how-to/tutorial, then vote in the Poll :

46 thoughts on “Don Charisma Graffiti/Bling Wall, Brooklyn NYC

  1. Gimp is free and open source, and it is very powerful, too. I saw people saying that they don’t have Photoshop. You know Ps, and Gimp is quite similar, so maybe those people without Ps could get that little push with an awesome tutorial! Gimp is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. 😀 It is the one I use (I use Ubuntu), but I don’t know a lot, so I would definitely follow a tutorial about this.

  2. The graffiti was drawn by someone sat at their computer because as the sign says “no standing at anytime.”

    1. Hey, not sure I don’t use online editting. There’s a reliance on “layers” and also the ability to “warp” ie transform an image so that it’s the same “perspective” as the wall. Someone suggested we do a guide in GIMP which is free for PC and same functions as Photoshop … would that help ?

      1. I am good. Working on awards as I type. Listen, if you don’t get a pic of the Buddha for this weekend…take the picture another post, OK? You are going to do great!

      2. Ah good glad to hear 🙂 I’m going to take the pictures of the big Buddha and they will be on my blog, it’s just a question of when, not if … Cheers DC

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and following it, I must say I’m glad I came across your blog via your “like” because it’s fascinating, great and wide-ranging info, a true Renaissance man! You definitely deserve your own wall art.

    1. LOL, lovely to hear from you and looking at your picture, looks like you’re a bit of photoshop wizard’ress yourself:) Nice to hear from you, keep in touch, DC

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