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It’s a TOAD !

Walking home the other evening, a bit damp had been raining. Suddenly something bumps into my leg, wasn’t sure whether I’d been bitten by a snake or what the hell it was. No pain, that’s a good sign. Once I’d managed to compose myself and stop emitting expletives, this little fella came into view … He or She’s a TOAD ! … Cute or not I’ll let you decide.

Photo-wise I only had my iPhone 4S with me. It’s not quite an award winner, but thought some of you might want to see.

Enjoy, Don Charisma:), Don Charisma, It's a toad It’s a toad

26 thoughts on “It’s a TOAD !

  1. Did you kiss it to see if it would turn into a princess? Or does that just work with frogs? Maybe it would just give you warts. We had lots of them when I was growing up in the country, not so many here in town. A lot of other critters though. Have a good one love.

  2. Toads…on Halloween week. Nothing could be more natural LOL. A frog did that to me the other week, I jumped out my skin, & almost trod on it. The frog hopped off indignantly and my dog looked on completely bemused. Very funny to witness I imagine 😀

    1. I can’t even remember what I said, but yes made me jump, and needed to figure out what it was in case I had got bitten by something poisonous … He just sat there and let me take pictures, I imagine he was trying to jump out of the way as I passed by, but could have been a testosterone fuelled male act of aggression, I don’t know was too busy listening to my music!

  3. Was replanting in a pot on our patio last weekend and grabbed one as I moved dirt around. Scared both of us near to death. We seem to have many outside our door. First time in years. Hopefully a good sign for the environment?

    1. Dont they pee on you as a defence mechanism if you pick them up or is that frogs I’m thinking of ?

      I think Toads spend a lot of time hiding under rocks, I used to find them all the time as a kid. They venture out when it’s wet, so probably means wet weather where you are ?

      1. We had a whole half an inch this week…. Fortunately, I don’t think it peed, but it sure froze in place for a while. Still didn’t move for about five minutes after I scooped it up in a cup and moved it to neighboring pot.

      2. I guess that’ll be another defence mechanism, kind of like a deer-in-the-headlights, maybe if I stay still enough you won’t see me … rain is good for the environment, I remember going to Rhodes island when I was a bit younger for a lads holiday, it was during a heat wave 50-60 deg C heat, all the grass etc was just burnt, not nice … we were so glad of the aircon we’d paid for, we met others who just had a ceiling fan in their room !

    1. Can’t even remember what I said, I was more shocked than anything…at least it was a toad, my girlfriend told me to stay away from the 10 inch long millipede/centipede thing, apparently they sting!

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