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Liebster Award from, thanks Chandni

Here’s my biggest fans celebrating. Only kidding, it’s the Netherlands women’s hockey team celebrating. I like the picture because they really know how to celebrate a win:)

I’ve been honoured with some awards, I’m happy to be awarded by thoughtful people who like what I’m doing on my blog. To be honest I’m overwhelmed about the number of positive people on WordPress, how helpful and thoughtful people are here. There seems to be a severe lack of trolls, which I’m extremely happy about. There also seems to be a severe lack of negativity here, which again I’m entirely grateful for.

I would like to thank the WordPress staff. Recently I had a technical support issue, and they were so so helpful and gracious, really a breath of fresh air in these days of poor quality outsourced customer service, where it seems to be more about saving money than helping the client. Also I understand technical support staff are volunteers, so I am doubly impressed, doubly grateful, Automattic are doing a fine job with WordPress community on

When I started my blog only a few months ago, I didn’t know where it was going or really what I was doing. Blogging for me is a constant source of experimentation and testing, trying new things. And wow, how amazing to have this opportunity to share what I’m doing with others.

I’ve been nominated for several awards, chronologically this is the first award, I’m a little behind!

UPDATE In response to follower comment – Sopphey says here that you ARE eligible if you have less than 3000 followers, apparently the 200 followers is incorrect ( liebster award liebster award


Chandni@Sheikhland nominated me for Liebster award

(on 21-Jul-2013, sorry for delay in responding)

Thankyou for nominating me:) (

My answers to Chandhi’s questions:

1. Favourite song and why?

I really like “Point of view” by “DB Boulevard”, because it makes me feel good:)

2. Best childhood memory?

Getting my first half decent computer, was so excited and the outcome was better than the anticipation.

3. Vanilla or flavoured ice cream?

I like Chocolate flavoured ice-cream, Magnum truffle has added to my waste line for sure!

4. Favourite food?

Pizza, Pizza,  Pizza, food of the gods, I could eat Pizza 3 meals a day for the rest of my life and die a happy man.

5. Hugh Jackman (yumm) or other?

Megan Fox, gay I am not.

6. Which three items would you save in a fire?

Hard drives, money and my girlfriend. (technically my girlfriend is not an item, I know this already)

7. Most difficult thing you’ve had to do?

Getting divorced/Splitting with my ex-wife.

8. Sea, lake or river?

Sea, I’m a Scuba Diver:)

9. Favourite item of clothing and why?

Changes day to day, currently latest acquisition a really cool black baseball cap which I found a home for my “PADI Divemaster badge” on.

10. Most embarrassing moment? (I dare you!)

Sorry, for my inner circle only.

11. Main colour of clothes in your wardrobe?

Black has many advantages over any other colour.

Eleven Random facts about me.

1. I like Milo (an Australian hot drink like cross between

and Hot Chocolate, apparently the result of a biscuit experiment that went wrong…err well right)

2. I’m a meditator, been so for about 4 years now.

3. I think Facebook sucks, but do my best to be on there anyway. A dude thing?

4. I call myself a vegetarian, but I eat fish and prawns … confused, try telling that to carnivores !

5. I could eat Pizza 3 meals a day for the rest of my life and die a happy man

6. I have a degree in a geeky computing subject, but not really a geek anymore.

7. I’ve been married to a Moroccan but never been to Morocco.

8. I’m frightened of drowning but have managed to become a Scuba instructor.

9. I think WordPress is awesome, far and away beyond the competition.

10. Beauty inspires me, has me in awe.

11. I have 24 crown teeth because I had five teeth missing since I was a young child. I only have two “original” teeth left at the top back (molars?)

People I nominate the award to are :

UPDATE 5-Oct – I changed last nomination, because original nominee doesn’t accept awards.

Questions for my nominees :

1. Who’s your favourite fem fatale?

2. What do you like about WordPress blogging?

3. If you could be any public figure, who would you be and why?

4. Three things you don’t like about Facebook?

5. Three things you do like about Facebook?

6. If you could do anything and there was no limits, what would you do?

7. If you had to describe my Don Charisma blog to friend, how would you describe it ?

8. Most inspiring film (movie) you’ve ever seen?

9. Would you choose wealth or freedom (if you could choose only one)

10. What you’d most like to see change in the world.

Resources & Sources

Liebster rules for nominees, please see –

Netherlands Women’s Hockey –

By Ross Huggett (Flickr  Uploaded by Kafuffle) [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

doncharisma, don charisma, My Biggest Fans, Only Kidding, It's the Netherlands Women's Hockey Team 2012 Olympics
My Biggest Fans, Only Kidding, It’s the Netherlands Women’s Hockey Team 2012 Olympics

20 thoughts on “Liebster Award from, thanks Chandni

  1. Firstly congratulations and thank you I am so honoured. I never had anything like this happen to me. Thanks a million don 4 the nomination. Since this being my 1st time so how do I answer these questions for the nomination. Do I write a post answering them and link it back to this page or something.

    1. Hey Vishal, thank you and my pleasure, I hope fortune will smile on you:)

      You just need to do a post the same as I have here, nominate 10 others, and ask them your own questions.

      If you like you display a Liebster badge on your blog, some people theirs on widget on sidebar or some put elsewhere, up to you, your blog.


      Don Charisma

      1. Makes sense … Only been there once for a weekend, but seems a good country, people friendly enough … My friend very down to earth and 100% genuine, like you say.

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