Anne Frank Beauty

Courage and Hope within Suffering, by Anne Frank

“I don’t think of all the misery

but of the beauty that still remains”

by Anne Frank, The Diary of a young girl


Very wise words that point to a powerful internal process. Anne Frank describes enduring immense suffering, keep looking for the little ray of sunshine that’s always there, for the courage and hope amidst the sea of suffering and despair. It’s positivity in the face of almost insurmountable odds, a personal miracle.

Don Charisma 2013 Anne Frank - Beauty & Courage Anne Frank – Beauty & Courage

35 thoughts on “Courage and Hope within Suffering, by Anne Frank

    1. Yes it is, and amazing how she is able to write an internal process so clearly, I wanted to write something similar but she says it perfectly.

      I believe we’re all capable of making these kinds of miracles ourselves:)



  1. I share an obsession with all things Ann Frank. I wrote a few blogs about her also. She is also alleged to have written, “I believe people are basically good.” —Right before they shipped the family off to the camps.
    Great post!

    1. Hey Sue-Ann, then you know more about her than me. It’s a bit ironic that she said that.

      I like this because refers to an internal process of not letting the hope candle go out how ever bad the circumstances.

      Nice to hear from you


  2. wonderful post! From the mouth of the young – great wisdom that we need to hear and hold onto more and more. Thank you for sharing this.
    😀 cate b

  3. That’s very inspiring. I always look forward to your posts, especially the non-tech ones. they’re a source of strength for me. Thanks Don.

    1. Thankyou, I try to keep what I’m doing here of high quality…I’d love to be just non-tech, but necessary evil, and sometimes I enjoy the tech stuff!

      My pleasure:) Cheers Don Charisma

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