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Don Charisma welcomes DannyBoyBroderick

I am welcoming DannyBoyBroderick to the WordPress community and introduce him as my friend. We’ve known each other for over 10 years. We worked together in a Swiss bank in London, became friends owing to various social events and similar interests in life. He’s a friend who has integrity and charisma, and has courage to face tough times, not just a fair-weather friend.

Danny and I will be working together, in our efforts to do something we enjoy whilst earning a living doing it.

Welcome Danny, I hope you will find as much inspiration and enthusiasm as I’ve been graced with here on

We’re currently doing a tutorial together on how to do Graffiti writing in Photoshop, it’ll be on release just as soon as it’s been YouTube’ed.

Don Charisma

4 thoughts on “Don Charisma welcomes DannyBoyBroderick

  1. Thanks for the welcome Don. It’s taken a little time to get up to speed with WordPress, but hopefully we can put together some good content for the community.

    1. My pleasure, happy to welcome you my friend, and hope you will enjoy being part of this community as much as I do.

      … anything is possible with Charisma 🙂


      Don Charisma

  2. Welcome Danny Boy, I’ve followed too… It’s been quite hectic over here so I’m struggling to keep up with my blog,, but i’ll get back up to date soon (i hope) but that doesn’t mean i don’t keep up to date with my reader 🙂

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