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Sorry Blog Readers, I’m really not having a Hoot with Hootsuite

I’m trying to get Hootsuite to reblog my WordPress posts onto Google+. It’s not that very intuitive to use and it has sat there doing nothing for days. Now it’s decided to randomly start reposting my posts. So sorry for the three duplicate posts today. I will try and figure out what’s going on with Hootsuite, and correct the problem or stop using it.


Don Charisma

5 thoughts on “Sorry Blog Readers, I’m really not having a Hoot with Hootsuite

    1. Hey Coline, thanks for letting me know that, I suspect you could be right, my IFTTT to blogger doesn’t work that well, that seems like they only accept short posts … something in the Google special sauce ? I’m thinking about writing an app to automagically post from wordpress to Google+ profile to fill that gap as I can’t find anything to do that, pages seems to be covered albeit badly by hootsuite … I’m now following you on all three blogs 🙂


      Don Charisma

      1. Thank you, I saw that you were following my other blogs. I haven’t been posting to those much lately. When you develop that app, I may be interested in it. I would like to be able to post from WP to Google. I’m not sure how it ties into their algorithm, and ranking, etc. I know they are strict about it.

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