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Are coat-hangers cool? … no, yes that’s what I thought until I saw this

I was doing a photo-inventory of my new place today and my iPad for some reason decided to flip all the pictures upside-down, boring, because I will have to rotate them all manually … until I found this picture of the coat hangers :

Still think coat-hangers are boring ? I’m so used to seeing them right-way-up this caught my eye


4 thoughts on “Are coat-hangers cool? … no, yes that’s what I thought until I saw this

  1. Love this photo and I can imagine your double take when you saw it for the first time. My personal opinion is that coat-hangers are not cool but I must admit to having a favourite type which never lets me or my clothes down. Seeing one in the midst of a heap of assorted horrors always bring a smile of satisfaction with the knowledge that having taken the time and effort to hang something up it will stay hung up. Who would have thought that a coat-hanger posting could lead to such a confession. Like the blog and appreciate your finding and following dragonshades.

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