Rainy View From Canary Wharf Underground Station iPhone Pano

View From Canary Wharf Underground Station

This is the stunning view coming out of Canary Wharf underground station. In the rain !

The big row of bicycles are rent-able from Barclays. Quite a good idea actually for getting around cheaply, seeing the sights, although might be better to do this in the summer …

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Taken in Canary Wharf, London © Don Charisma

11 thoughts on “View From Canary Wharf Underground Station

  1. Canary wharf reminds me of my dad who died many years ago. He worked as a consultant when it was built. He was a very experienced steel man- bridges, flyovers, airports, huge buildings were his thing. I just read a post on a bike for all seasons all about a cycle hire scheme in Oslo. There’s a pattern developing this morning!

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