Top 10 Movies of 2015

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So many terrific movies wowed me, in 2015. Either “Birdman” or “Whiplash” could have made this list. But they are from 2014, although I saw them in 2015. That’s also true of “Selma”. Anyone interested in civil rights should see this magnificent work of love. Reducing the list to 28 films was tough enough. But here goes. This is my list of the 10 movies I enjoyed most in 2015. 1) The Martian. So much here is original and evocative. Matt Damon leads a fine cast in an excellent and well-researched story of space… Continue reading Top 10 Movies of 2015

Why I Think Stocks May Crash, Hard

The problem is that when stocks start selling, others start selling their stocks too, it turns into to a selling frenzy. Short selling on stocks is rarely pretty, or predictable, fortunes have been wiped out in seconds. From what I understand, RBS has advised their clients, well basically to “sell everything” within the last few days. Doesn’t sound particularly responsible for a global bank, but I have no control over what they say. It’s also possible that RBS might be right. Continue reading Why I Think Stocks May Crash, Hard

What’s Beyond Space ?

My local TV station has been showing World Science Festival, TED, and some other science shows. It’s fascinating to hear the accepted theories on how the universe was created, stars, black holes etc. From what I understand our universe is thought to be a little under 14 billion years old, which is a staggering length of time …

Some of the other quantities like the number of stars (10-200 sextillion) and number of planets they think are in our universe are even more vast, so vast in fact it’s pretty challenging to comprehend things like – there are (perhaps) more stars in our universe than grains of sand on all the beaches on earth.

From what I understand, our universe is expanding, has been since the beginning. It’s what scientists call “inflation”. Liking to think beyond what I’m told, I do puzzle about what exactly the universe is expanding into.

Is there simply more “space” which is infinite ?

Or is “space” being created to expand into ?

Or, something else ?


Don Charisma

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How To Download YouTube Videos Using youtube-dl

One thing I’ve started to find a minor annoyance is the adverts that YouTube inject into my watching and listening experience on their site. Frustratingly, the adverts here are in Thai language, so not really relevant to me.

After a little research and some geek magic and I came across something really very useful. It’s called “youtube-dl”, and basically it’s a Linux (and Windows) tool to download YouTube videos so one can watch them locally. AND YES WITHOUT THOSE DAMN ADVERTS.
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Night Markets Of Thailand – Leslie

Leslie’s been a reader and contributor to the Don Charisma blog pretty much I think since she started blogging. She’s always “upbeat” and a talented jazz musician …

Leslie – thanks very much for taking part, I really like what you came up with. And thanks also for being a friend and consistent contributor to the Don Charisma blog. Continue reading Night Markets Of Thailand – Leslie