Empty Pasta Shelves – Tesco Watford, UK – Rude And Aggressive Manager

Tesco, Watford, UK – Pasta shelves are completely empty. It was a similar sight in the tinned food aisle, and some of the others. The in-store pharmacy had completely sold out of paracetamol.

The store manager (the guy in the blue shirt in the photo) was quite rude and aggressive towards me for taking the photo, which has never happened before to me in the UK. I ceased and desisted for a quiet life. Not quite sure why he would be annoyed at me taking a photo of empty shelves, maybe he didn’t buy any for himself and now there’s none left ? Or could just be he’s an asshole. My guess is the asshole theory.

The checkout guy was a complete contrast, we had a chat about wearing masks and beards etc. I guess he was bored and having a chat with someone beats scanning items and collecting money, all day, over and over again, just to fill the pockets of his globalist overlords, so they can afford their Krug, Foie gras and Caviar.

Anyway, enough of saying what I actually think, here’s the photo :

Taken about at 15:30, 13-Mar-2020 UK time.


Don Charisma

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