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Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf (+Photos !)


After some hours of trying to make a still photo slideshow with ffmpeg, I gave up. Some of the features are missing on the Windows version, would probably have been easier using Linux.

So I used the inbuilt video editor in Windows 10 to take a bunch of still photos, add music courtesy Steppenwolf. Then finally added my watermark of DonCharisma.org with ffmpeg.

So, long story short – it’s some photos I took, with music πŸ™‚ Experimenting with a different format for presenting my photos – rather than a long page of photos.

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Just The Two Of Us – Bill Withers – Valentines Day Special

Sorry it’s a bit late, I only just thought of it, I’m terrible with dates …

No idea if this is the best or even the right photo for this, but I like the bohemian thing going on with the guys just chillaxin’ playing games on their smartphones.

So for a “diversity isΒ  our strength” valentines day, I made this :


Don Charisma

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Huawei – How To Pronounce ?

(That’s enough blogging for one day – time for some downtime)

No need to tell me the right answer, I’ve heard it on TV relating to UK 5G deal with Huawei.

But when I first saw the name on a phone in the phone shop … well … I tried to guess :

“Who are we”

“Who a wee”

“Who’re wee”

“Who way”

And then I’m joking with a friend, and I’m like

“Who the hell are we ?”

(It’s funnier if you try to pronounce it in English out loud)

Kind of ironic though, with the controversy surrounding the company, and then the UK government striking a deal with them, whilst the rest of the world don’t want to touch them with a barge pole.

Comments invited πŸ™‚


Don Charisma

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