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I’m A Twitter Idiot

I logged in yesterday to see my posts getting syndicated, and noticed “Notifications”, where I discovered many people have been sharing my posts. So a big thankyou – I followed everyone I could find, thanks for the follows back. Continue reading I’m A Twitter Idiot

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Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans (Well Done Michael Moore)

To be honest I thought Michael Moore was a deranged weirdo, after bizarre woke comments and absurd tweets I’ve seen within the last few months – but, he’s completely redeemed himself in my eyes with this documentary, exposing the utter fraud and lies behind “green” and “renewable” energy. This documentary came totally out of left field (kinda no pun intended). I could never have anticipated or expected this. Continue reading “Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans (Well Done Michael Moore)”

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Piers Morgan Whines Like A Baby As Trump Unfollows Him On Twitter – (“Styx”)

This update from Styx from about 3 hours ago @ 26-Apr-2020 13:19 UK time.

“Styx” was a reliable information source on the COVID-19 pandemic, right from the start. He was the only voice that I could find warning people of a possible pandemic back in January, when we still didn’t know much about it. He also uploads videos about politics, and other “niche” interests. If I had to take a guess of his political lean I’d say somewhere around center-right (but I’m no expert, or journalist, or know him personally, so don’t take my word for it).

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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“British Public SLAM Media Over Fake News During Lockdown” (Mahyar Tousi)

This is quite apt and immediately relevant to me (thanks Mahyar), considering recent conversations I’ve had with commenters about things like “fake news” and most of the mainstream media’s reprehensible, sometimes malevolent behaviour – past, present and future (in US, UK and Australia) – who are on the way out by the way, permanently, unless they actually start doing real journalism again, as opposed to extremist political activism disguised as journalism.

Mainstream media – Either moderate yourselves, learn some ethics and lookup what “journalism” means or we’ll oversee your obsolescence, which Mayhar Tousi (and plenty of other people, channels and outlets) are already planning. Along with the current UK government in the case of the BBC and Channel4. Who knows maybe I’ll join in on the farewell party for the liars, spinners, manipulators, brainwashers, slanderers, defamers, fear-mongerers and cowards, wish them goodbye and good riddance – thanks for the new job/business, enjoy flipping burgers at McDonalds.

If you hadn’t figured it out by now – Social media and the internet over the last 10 years or so has ended the mainstream media’s stranglehold on what is true and what is not – So whilst there’s aspects of social media I don’t like, this is one of the BIGGEST the silver linings I’ve ever seen.

Sorry, got a bit carried away there … but I know for A FACT that I’m not the only one who feels this way, millions I’m sure have already woken up to this, leftists and rightists.

This update from Mayhar Tousi, from about 1 hour ago @ 14-Apr-2020 19:22 UK time.

I came across Mahyar Tousi’s channel a few months ago. He provides an informative populist discussion of (mostly UK) – current affairs, culture and politics, is well spoken, engaging and charismatic.

(Thanks Mayhar for your hard work)

Hope you and your loved ones are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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Twitter/Trump Poetry Humour – Mistermuse

Mistermuse commented on my post – entitled “There’s Writers And Then There’s Writers”

The comment is funny and made me laugh – Even though I’m anti-“Orange man bad”, relatively neutral on Trump – I don’t trust him, the same as I don’t trust pretty much any/all politicians.

Humour is still humour, and good writing is still good writing, at the end of the day :

“There’s writers and then there’s writers”….
There’s a tweet writer who’s nothing but an inciter.
I’m all right with “writers and then there’s writers”
But the tweet writer who Trumps them all is a blighter.


Author “Mistermuse” –

Also it’s possible I didn’t get the point, so, apologies if that’s the case.


Don Charisma

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NSFW – High Court Win For Free Speech In UK – WE GOT A PROBLEM

I found the “WE GOT A PROBLEM” YouTube channel whilst researching Brexit (& politics) over the past few months. I do recommend his channel, as a counter-mainstream-bias source.


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#THICK Trends On Twitter UK – Mocking Brexiteers And Intentionally Deepening Division

For my overseas readers – “thick” in the UK is used pejoratively to mean stupid, low IQ or poorly educated. Recipients of being called “thick” would also see it as condescending, and vain on the part of the person using the term. Bit like the “R” word in the US (which I won’t put here as I got told off last time I used it)

#Thick trending on Twitter – because people didn’t like 2016 referendum result, didn’t like that they weren’t able to overturn it in 4 years of trying, didn’t like that they lost the general election and didn’t like that on Friday the UK left the EU. Oh, and didn’t like it that people sang our national anthem “God Save The Queen” to mark leaving.
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