Carla Thomas, DON CHARISMA

Tramp – Otis Redding And Carla Thomas

Otis and Carla duet, fun, lighthearted sweet soul music.

Carla Thomas, DON CHARISMA

Otis Redding,portrait, public domain, DON CHARISMA

Otis Redding recorded “Tramp” as a duet with Carla Thomas for Stax Records. The song was first included on the joint album by Redding and Thomas, King & Queen (1967). Described as “playful” by Dahl, it was released as a single only months after Fulson’s. Credited to “Otis and Carla”, the duo’s version outsold Fulson’s original and peaked at number two on Billboard’s R&B and number 26 on the Hot 100 charts.

Source – Wikipedia

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Don Charisma

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