Mon Homme (“My Man”) – Mistinguett (1938)

Thanks again to Seax for another suggestion – an opportunity to hear and appreciate some music I’d never heard before.

Some more experimenting with video editing and special effects. Well within the limits of the Windows 10 Video Editor. It just about does the job, but is a little flaky on my somewhat cheap laptop.

Mon Homme (“My Man”) by Mistinguett … From 1938. I believe there are many cuts of this track, this one I found most pleasing to my ears.

It’s in French, so sorry for everybody who doesn’t understand the lyrics – like I said before about the song which had been culturally appropriated by identity politicians – just enjoy the art, and stop taking yourself so seriously.

mistinguett_by_nadar, DONCHARISMA

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“Mon Homme” (French pronunciation: ​[mɔ.n‿ɔm]) is a popular song also known by its English translation, “My Man”. The song was originally composed by Maurice Yvain with French lyrics by Jacques-Charles (Jacques Mardochée Charles) and Albert Willemetz.

Mon Homme was copyrighted in France by Maurice Yvain, Albert Willemetz and Jacques-Charles (Jacques Mardochée Charles) in 1920 and was introduced to Parisian audiences in the revue “Paris qui Jazz” at the Casino de Paris. The song was performed by revue star Mistinguett and her stage partner American dancer Harry Pilcer.

Source – Wikipedia

Enjoy !


Don Charisma

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