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Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf (+Photos !)


After some hours of trying to make a still photo slideshow with ffmpeg, I gave up. Some of the features are missing on the Windows version, would probably have been easier using Linux.

So I used the inbuilt video editor in Windows 10 to take a bunch of still photos, add music courtesy Steppenwolf. Then finally added my watermark of DonCharisma.org with ffmpeg.

So, long story short – it’s some photos I took, with music 🙂 Experimenting with a different format for presenting my photos – rather than a long page of photos.

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Just The Two Of Us – Bill Withers – Valentines Day Special

Sorry it’s a bit late, I only just thought of it, I’m terrible with dates …

No idea if this is the best or even the right photo for this, but I like the bohemian thing going on with the guys just chillaxin’ playing games on their smartphones.

So for a “diversity is  our strength” valentines day, I made this :


Don Charisma

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