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Coronavirus: Can It Even Be stopped?

Phil Mason PHD aka Thunderf00t – his take on current COVID-19 situation, posted about 2 days ago @ 15-Apr-2020 08:38 UK time.

It’s an interesting discussion on the dilemma we’re currently facing of financial survival vs health survival – is the cure worse than he disease ?

He’s a scientist not a finance guy – so, my sources indicate the missing $6500 that Phil mentions is likely going to wall street/1%ers. So same as always – it’s little guy/gals like you and I getting the scraps, and the elites continuing to get lion’s share of the loot – war, pandemic etc doesn’t matter. Still it’s better than communism, where we’d be getting nothing, and the elites would take the whole lot, if we weren’t in a gulag or reeducation camp for wrong think/speak.

I came across thunderf00t’s channel whilst researching identity, intersectional, and “progressive” politics and cultural Marxism – in which arena he seems to have gotten himself shadow banned on Google for speaking out about radical lunatics. His real name is Dr Phil Mason PHD, and by all accounts an interesting character, a scientist who likes to debunk bullshit on Youtube. From what I understand he works in research in Nuclear Power (or there or there abouts), is a keen Astronomer, traveller and does seem to be more moderate-left leaning than anything (but I could be wrong on that – I’m neither expert, or journalist, and I don’t know him personally)

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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THE NATURE OF TIME [by mariafokas]

How did we get to this dire point; not all at once, I suppose, but bit by bit, being too busy with life; drunk with regrets of the past and manipulated into worrying about the future. I don’t know what stand to take today. I tried writing this post so many times, stopped, and started, and stopped, and then back to the keyboard – and all I accomplished was to exhaust myself; you’d think it were a love letter, where I struggle to find the perfect words to make it work; while hiding the gore of bodies piling up without end as we speak –

Going back to the beginning of this virus, I started gathering information, believing it would help me and my loved ones. I watched and read everything about this novel virus. I even had an opinion about how governments of countries are handling it, and responding to it, and soon enough it began to take me hostage; it had become an addiction; collecting all the news this virus was creating. The stories I came across were endless; the mistakes and delays of the world health organization, the secret agendas of governments, Bill Gates and the Rockefellers involved in promoting it, conspiracy theories, a novel supposedly written in 1981 predicting it; and then I put my two-cents in too… what if just maybe, E.M. Forster predicted our restricted lives due to this virus, in his short story, The Machine Stops, (1909),  and just maybe, the Titanic had also been predicted in Morgan Robertson’s novella The Wreck of the Titan (1898). And was it the iceberg that took 1500 lives, or was it the delayed response, and ignorance to the iceberg? But, does any of this solve the problem?

I listened to people complaining about having to stay home. Could they not see the devastating alternative; images around the world of hospitals in chaos, doctors forced to decide who lives and who dies. Dead bodies in New York, stacked up in 18 wheeler-truck-fridges. A nurse in Italy, calling it the lonely flu; people dying all over the world without any hope for recovery; isolated without their loved ones to hold their hand in their final moment; to be reminded that THEY WERE LOVED! This virus has exposed the weaknesses in our system, our weakness to prepare, our weakness to prevent and to prevail – I think about our response to this virus; our delayed actions, and ignorance; the crack in our health system due to the governments we voted for; or didn’t even bother voting; too busy that day; giving away our greatest power of voice.

I listened to President Trump telling the American people that it was going to go away like a miracle, I heard Boris Johnson claiming that there was no need for restrictions; business as usual; we’d eventually become immune to it; Turkmenistan’s government claiming it doesn’t exist and, making it illegal to utter the word “coronavirus” or you’ll be arrested. The world health organization not only took too long to declare it a Pandemic, but they also informed us that there was no true evidence of human to human transmission, on January 14th – And China kept too quiet about the information that would have saved lives.

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“Ceidefields” by (c) Barrie Maguire

But I will not search for more to blame. I closed my door to the fear this virus has been spreading; the kind of fear that makes us weaker. I began to feel the stillness I was forced to bear and noticed the voice inside my head; words not mine, but nevertheless, coming from me; regurgitations of the outside world telling me, all the things I should believe and should be doing and should be wanting. And I stopped! I was not going to waste any more time –

These stay-at-home restrictions haven’t been taking time away from us; they’ve been giving it back to us. Having to live hour-to-hour, I realize that all I have in this world is that hour; that moment to moment that flows through me, and what I choose to do with that moment, determines everything. . . “God give me the wisdom to know the difference.” –

So, I wonder about the universal values of today – how do we make choices; on the basis of what? Yes, 95% of the information out there is a lie, so what is the truth? The truth might be that it will go away and that we will continue our lives regardless of how it has affected each and every one of us. We will gather the data and analyze the outcome – and there will be much talk and more blame but the crime will never be solved; and then soon after, we may forget.

Or we can decide to wrap our arms around the only thing that truly belongs to us – the present moment in time – not the past – not the future – only that precious moment; the one thing no one can take away from us; the most precious commodity we give away, in exchange for a deception; a promise for a “better” future waiting to be obtained. Aren’t the past and the future merely labels to define illusions; an anchor holding us back and, a promise of a holy grail at the end of the tunnel, in exchange for our lives?

Having to give up my freedom for a brief moment in time ended up saving me from an empty life filled with goals but no essence. This stillness made me aware of how numb I had become, and how I completely took my existence for granted; using myself to make ends meet, instead of experiencing life as a means to an end. So do I want to go back to that life, when the restrictions have been lifted; do we go back to the life this virus momentarily took away from us, or, when this is all over, do we make it better?

The Nature of Time by (c) Maria Fokas April 5/2020 (Thankyou Maria)

Artwork – “Ceidefields” by (c) Barrie Maguire, (published with permission of the Artist, Thankyou Barrie)

Maria has also written a poem, which is kind of a “companion” to this writing, you can find it here –

The Nature of Time/poem

Thanks to Maria Fokas, for this guest blog, which I’m EXTREMELY proud to publish. She’s lovely person and would highly recommend visiting her at her blog.

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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Joe Rogan Experience #1451 – Dr. Peter Hotez

YouTube thinks I should be watching a lot of Joe Rogan – so who am I to argue.

This one just out, Dr.Peter Hotez who speaks about Coronavirus. It’s a long watch, but worth the “effort”.

Peter Hotez, M.D., Ph.D. is Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine and Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine where he is also the Director of the Texas Children’s Center for Vaccine Development (CVD) and Texas Children’s Hospital Endowed Chair of Tropical Pediatrics.

Source – Youtube, PowerfulJRE Channel

Hope you and loved ones are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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Thailand – Official Infection Rates Very Likely Under-Reported (COVID-19)

I spoke to a Thai friend in the UK, about various issues surrounding what’s currently going on for them, in the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. They run a business and are worried about that – whether the business will survive.

They also mentioned that a COVID-19 test in Thailand costs around 7500THB, or about 200GBP (which is getting on for a month’s wages for the average Thai worker). I checked other sources online and seems that this information is correct. ie tests aren’t free, when really they should be, in Thailand.

So, if you’re already in Thailand or planning to visit Thailand, please be aware that the infection numbers are likely much much higher than officially reported. Because – most ordinary Thai people can’t afford to get tested.

It’s also going to be a tough time for many Thais as Thailand is reliant on tourism, and, tourists aren’t coming. That in conjunction with the Government effectively closing it’s borders to many countries, drought in Thailand and economic downturn in Thailand.

Also, some businesses have been ordered to close down for 2 weeks in Bangkok and other busy tourist cities, in effort to curb public gatherings.

So, I’m very concerned about the Thais, their health and welfare.

I hope you and your loved ones continue to be safe.


Don Charisma

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Blog Update 2 – 20-Mar-2020 – COVID-19

I had to take a flight at short/”emergency” notice, due to imminent border closures – Hence no time to blog. As far as I know I am disease free, just have jetlag symptoms today. So I think I’m OK for now.

I will try to keep forwarding updates from my sources, but I think it’s safe to say COVID-19 is now a global problem. Which is why I’ve been trying to warn people about COVID-19 for quite a long time now. I’ve had a few critics on the blog, of both my sources, wanting to pick arguments with me – YOU CAN LITERALLY FUCK OFF, I WILL BLOCK YOU PERMANENTLY – I was and have been doing my best. I know Styx looks like a hippie and Dr John Campbell is only actually a nurse (although he’s PHD educated, and has global contacts in medical profession) – but at least they have been doing their best to try to warn, and educate people.

You morons who are not taking this seriously, are one of the whys why this has become SO serious, and situation worsens hourly now. You have helped in making deaths likely of many of our most vulnerable people now almost inevitable, including members of my own family. Needlessly.

And the probable destruction of people’s livelihoods en-mass should also not be ignored. Again the most vulnerable will suffer most, ordinary people with families, just trying to make a living and ends meet.

Anyway, rant over, sorry, I had to get it out, it’s heartbreaking.

My advice is :

This is a serious situation, globally. It is going to get worse. Panic doesn’t help – you are just putting other people (and yourself) at risk.

Please do your best to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you’re under 60 and in relatively good health, then you’re doing this for other people, not for yourself (you’ll probably get flu like COVID-19, at some point, but not a fatality).

The world needs *TIME*, delaying the spread provides that time. That TIME is LITERALLY made/created by us doing our best to slow the spread of the disease, with things like social distancing and hygiene.

Not catching COVID-19, is actually helping other people, as well as yourself.

Cooperation and protecting the vulnerable, are core principles of human civilisation as we know it, without it the world would be a dark and dystopian place. So – Are there people you could help locally who are elderly or infirm, or otherwise vulnerable ?

Overall – This is a time for solidarity, not selfishness.

I hope you and your loved ones continue to be safe.


Don Charisma

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