“¿Quién será?” … Sway – Dean Martin / Mucho Mambo (Sway) – Shaft

Old and new … I was introduced to this tune, by “Shaft” in some sweaty dance club in the wee hours of the morning, after likely consuming too much alcohol. Might have been trying to attract girls, badly – should probably stick with what I’m good at, like someone once told me.

I’ve since discovered the Dean Martin version from 1954, which in some ways I like more.

The 1999 version is an upbeat clubby trashy EDM tune. The 1954 version is soothing and, more easy listening.


1954 – Dean Martin Version

1999 – Shaft Version

“¿Quién será?” is a bolero-mambo written by Mexican composer Luis Demetrio, who sold the rights to fellow songwriter Pablo Beltrán Ruiz. Beltrán recorded the song for the first time with his orchestra in 1953. Pedro Infante, for whom the song was written, recorded it in 1954.


Norman Gimbel took the song, removed the somewhat melancholy Spanish lyrics about a man wondering if he shall ever love again, and wrote brand-new English lyrics about a man praising his dancing partner’s ability to affect his heart with how she “sways” when they dance. This new song, titled “Sway”, has become a standard in both the pop and jazz repertoire. The first version to achieve considerable success in the United States was recorded by singer Dean Martin with the Dick Stabile orchestra in 1954.


Source – Wikipedia

Enjoy !


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