Otis Redding,portrait, public domain, DON CHARISMA

My Girl – Otis Redding

This time I decided to do my own video. Originally a Temptations song – Maybe I’ll post their version later.

I made the video myself – One of my first attempts at video editing, using the built in software in Windows 10 “Video Editor” – it’s OK, but I did have some issues (don’t use too many effects on one clip). Often other videos aren’t that well made – So I thought I’d try my hand at making my own. You can be the judge of whether I made a good job or not !

I like the idea of using the creative tools that are to hand for free, rather than forking out cash that I don’t have. And simple is good these days.

RIP Otis Redding.

Otis Redding,portrait, public domain, DON CHARISMA

Enjoy !


Don Charisma

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