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Twitter/Trump Poetry Humour – Mistermuse

Mistermuse commented on my post – entitled “There’s Writers And Then There’s Writers”

The comment is funny and made me laugh – Even though I’m anti-“Orange man bad”, relatively neutral on Trump – I don’t trust him, the same as I don’t trust pretty much any/all politicians.

Humour is still humour, and good writing is still good writing, at the end of the day :

“There’s writers and then there’s writers”….
There’s a tweet writer who’s nothing but an inciter.
I’m all right with “writers and then there’s writers”
But the tweet writer who Trumps them all is a blighter.


Author “Mistermuse” – https://theobservationpost.wordpress.com/about/

Also it’s possible I didn’t get the point, so, apologies if that’s the case.


Don Charisma

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