Swiss To Have A ‘Brexit Moment’! Swixit?

The Swiss have a referendum coming shortly about free movement of people within Switzerland, and Europe. Jeff Taylor explains the ins and out, and pros and cons, better than I can :

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Frexit/France – Nigel Farage Interviews Marine Le Pen – LBC

This is back from 2017. She says she has a Frexit plan, or at least that was the case in 2017.

Given the mayhem in France right now, and Macron’s unpopularity – Le Pen I think is slated to be the most likely opponent to take over from Macron.

LBC is one of the better mainstream media sources in UK, with diverse political leaning, left, right and centrist presenters – So comes recommended. It can be accessed by radio in UK, and they also have their own YouTube channel, where they upload their shows.

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