Daisy Cousens, DON CHARISMA

#MeToo Hypocrisy and The New York Times | Alyssa Milano (Daisy Cousens)

I have heard *many* reports from male commentators, I think this issue is best commented on by a female voice – “from the horse’s mouth” so to speak.

Personally as an egalitarian, and I find the hypocrisy of it all, quite disturbing. Seems to be more about power and gain, than anything else.

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Daisy Cousens, DON CHARISMA

Is This The End Of Social Justice? (Daisy Cousens)

Daisy popped up in my feed some time ago. She regularly speaks as an expert on mainstream TV, is a free speech advocate, and identity politics opponent. She’s one of the few dissident female voices I’ve found on YouTube – I follow her, not out of feminism or solidarity with women, but simply because she speaks common sense – it’s competence that counts to me, not what genitalia, race, religion etc.

To avoid the mental gymnastics in order to avoid a complete meltdown – I wouldn’t recommend her channel or this video for those who are on the socialist/communist side of the spectrum (don’t say I didn’t warn you.)


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