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COVID-19 – Reader’s Message From India – India Now Locked Down

I just had this message in my comments from a lady (I think) in India. I’m guessing English isn’t her first language, but for integrity’s sake I’ve copied verbatim. Sounds like India may be taking the right measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 in India, which is a good thing :

Beginning March 25, there is a 21-day lockdown across this populous nation – India. It was preceded by a slew of very proactive and strictly implemented cautionary and preventive measures. The results are far too happy : few hundred cases, some tens have succumbed. Which keeps my fingers crossed.


I believe, social distancing and stay-at-home prescription may have been most effective so far.


I wish the safe continue to be safe and those confirmed recover out of its hold.


All in all, the world would not be the same for several reasons hereafter. Hasn’t internet massively helped us to cope better with our isolation needs at home or at work ? And, is globalisation now finally indicted… I wonder. We surely will look upon e-commerce very very appreciatively, won’t we !


Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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Thailand Closing Borders To *ALL* Foreigners – Effective 26-Mar-2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic – Thailand has put into place an emergency decree, the main item of interest is that Thai borders are now closed to *ALL* foreigners, as of midnight tonight, ie 26-Mar-2020 00:01 Thai time.

I’ve highlighted the relevant sentences in bold, and included (in this post) a PDF binder with the original decree in Thai language.

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COVID-19 – Dr John Campbell – “Reducing Fever – Parts 1 And 2”

I felt this worth sharing again for those who may get the virus, and are not ill enough for hospital – ie those who are ill at home, and thinking of taking anti-inflammatory or analgesic drugs (for fever) . Dr John Campbell posted these a few days ago.

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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Chloroquine Study Shows 100% Cure Rate As Coronavirus Spread Slows

Many of you have probably already heard about this, but finally some good news, hopefully.

This update from Dr Steve Turley from about 18 hours ago @ 20-Mar-2020 14:20 UK time.

(Dr Steve Turley is not recommended viewing for globalists, or communists – you have been warned)

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.

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Thailand – Official Infection Rates Very Likely Under-Reported (COVID-19)

I spoke to a Thai friend in the UK, about various issues surrounding what’s currently going on for them, in the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. They run a business and are worried about that – whether the business will survive.

They also mentioned that a COVID-19 test in Thailand costs around 7500THB, or about 200GBP (which is getting on for a month’s wages for the average Thai worker). I checked other sources online and seems that this information is correct. ie tests aren’t free, when really they should be, in Thailand.

So, if you’re already in Thailand or planning to visit Thailand, please be aware that the infection numbers are likely much much higher than officially reported. Because – most ordinary Thai people can’t afford to get tested.

It’s also going to be a tough time for many Thais as Thailand is reliant on tourism, and, tourists aren’t coming. That in conjunction with the Government effectively closing it’s borders to many countries, drought in Thailand and economic downturn in Thailand.

Also, some businesses have been ordered to close down for 2 weeks in Bangkok and other busy tourist cities, in effort to curb public gatherings.

So, I’m very concerned about the Thais, their health and welfare.

I hope you and your loved ones continue to be safe.


Don Charisma

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Blog Update 2 – 20-Mar-2020 – COVID-19

I had to take a flight at short/”emergency” notice, due to imminent border closures – Hence no time to blog. As far as I know I am disease free, just have jetlag symptoms today. So I think I’m OK for now.

I will try to keep forwarding updates from my sources, but I think it’s safe to say COVID-19 is now a global problem. Which is why I’ve been trying to warn people about COVID-19 for quite a long time now. I’ve had a few critics on the blog, of both my sources, wanting to pick arguments with me – YOU CAN LITERALLY FUCK OFF, I WILL BLOCK YOU PERMANENTLY – I was and have been doing my best. I know Styx looks like a hippie and Dr John Campbell is only actually a nurse (although he’s PHD educated, and has global contacts in medical profession) – but at least they have been doing their best to try to warn, and educate people.

You morons who are not taking this seriously, are one of the whys why this has become SO serious, and situation worsens hourly now. You have helped in making deaths likely of many of our most vulnerable people now almost inevitable, including members of my own family. Needlessly.

And the probable destruction of people’s livelihoods en-mass should also not be ignored. Again the most vulnerable will suffer most, ordinary people with families, just trying to make a living and ends meet.

Anyway, rant over, sorry, I had to get it out, it’s heartbreaking.

My advice is :

This is a serious situation, globally. It is going to get worse. Panic doesn’t help – you are just putting other people (and yourself) at risk.

Please do your best to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you’re under 60 and in relatively good health, then you’re doing this for other people, not for yourself (you’ll probably get flu like COVID-19, at some point, but not a fatality).

The world needs *TIME*, delaying the spread provides that time. That TIME is LITERALLY made/created by us doing our best to slow the spread of the disease, with things like social distancing and hygiene.

Not catching COVID-19, is actually helping other people, as well as yourself.

Cooperation and protecting the vulnerable, are core principles of human civilisation as we know it, without it the world would be a dark and dystopian place. So – Are there people you could help locally who are elderly or infirm, or otherwise vulnerable ?

Overall – This is a time for solidarity, not selfishness.

I hope you and your loved ones continue to be safe.


Don Charisma

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