Hire Me

A friend and I work together, and are available to work remotely on projects, client meetings are possible in London. We both are degree educated in UK, and graduates of technical subjects. Both us have worked in banking in the IT sector for prestigious blue chip clients.

I ran a medium sized business in London for 4 years and did all my own marketing and web sites, so I know what’s involved in order to get business coming in from the Internet.

Projects that we’re interested in working on:

  1. Web design. We have preference for WordPress as a CMS.
  2. SEO and Internet promotion, white hat and black hat. Also Pay Per Click such as adwords.
  3. Basic graphic design, Photoshop, verging on the slightly artistic but we’re not arty type artists.
  4. Web automation – Form filling, extracting data off of web pages, automating automatable web processes.
  5. Cartoonizing portrait photos.
  6. Consultancy on any of the above.
  7. Anything else you think I/we would be interested in.

We are in the unique position of having our own projects and income in place, so we will only take on projects that are directly beneficial, by enhancing our skills and knowledge, are inspiring and/or well paid.

We have variable rates for projects depending on the individual project and client circumstances, and always work on hourly basis rather than fixed price, fees paid in advance.

We’re happy to provide estimated costs and we promise to be clear about what our hourly rate is before starting any work.

Please contact us at DonCharisma.com for all commercial enquiries :



By Don Charisma