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This is my personal and professional site, which is dedicated to CHARISMA – the art of being strong, wise and happy. Many people visit for me for my blog, here’s the entrance :


I love to work with media such as photos, video, graphics and text. Art, graphic design, photography and videography – or there or there about. Browse my Photography category :

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I’m passionate about promoting, it’s very very important for any online presence. So you will find articles here about promoting and SEO. Browse my SEO category :


Also of importance for any online presence is writing. So you will find writing here varying from creative to humorous to serious writing. People find blogs and websites with words, so wordsmithery is key skill on the web and in life.


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  1. I want to express my thanks to you for following my blog, that you were touched or moved by it. Your site strikes a note with me, thank you for manifesting it for us.

  2. Thanks for following my Canadian Transformation Blog Don! I’m TOTALLY GREEN when it comes to blogging so I’ve got much to learn 🙂 Cheers!

  3. Thanks for the follow! I look forward to seeing your next post as well. Dig the logo! I’m working on one for Easy Distance myself, not the same logo mind you, that would be weird… ok i’ve said too much… *smoke bomb* cough cough *clicks log out, closes computer slowly*

  4. Yo DC, thanks for the follow….you are one of few to follow my new ‘release’. Hope you find some humor in the randomness of my rants! Take care my man!

    1. LOL you are welcome, and lovely to have you on board … I’m always curious as to why people are curious how I found them, after all we have public blogs that are listed on Google !

      Warm regards


  5. Hello Don Charisma! Thanks for following my blog Murder in Common where crime fiction is but one of my passions. BTW I was in underwriting (Boiler Machinery) in a past life.
    Kind regards,
    June Lorraine

  6. Thanks for following my blog http://torstenstange.wordpress.com

    DonCharisma, great name btw and great stuff you created on the web! I took a first glance and I am definitely gonna spent some more time on the content you created.

    For a start I posted a link to your „virgins guide to promoting a blog“ on Facebook. Really helpful!

    Best regards,

    1. Hey Torsen, that’s very kind of you to say so. Have a look around at your leisure, I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon 🙂

      Thanks for sharing the link, when people share it does help me.

      Warm regards


    1. Que pasa hombre !

      Good philosophy, applies very often, and I agree …

      My Espanol is small, I learn’t a little travelling in Spain and the islands.

      Hasta la vista … baby !

      Don charisma

  7. Very nice to “meet” you Don Charisma. Thank you for being my first “From Portions to Prayers” Follower. It’s motivated me to continue blogging about my journey— a difficult one— but sure as heck a rewarding one. I hope you enjoy what you find there! And have a blessed day.

  8. Hi Don, can’t quite figure out why you would follow my blog, but thanks anyway. Just scribbling down thoughts – mainly political. Like a part part-time blogger. 😉

  9. …and thank you so very much, Don, for following my counterpart Wolf Black. Much appreciated. Best to you and looking forward to coming back for a longer visit when my head isn’t about to explode into a thousand pieces thanks to blocked up sinuses. I know, too much information. Sorry! At least it’s better than a blocked up loo. Just. Wolfie aka Rosemary.

    1. Hey Rosemary, I often get a sinus headache, don’t have a an exact cause or solution … but I did find severe temperature changes affect it, and read somewhere about giving the sinuses time between temperature zones to get used to the change … might help 🙂

      Warm regards


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