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This is my personal and professional site, which is dedicated to CHARISMA – the art of being strong, wise and happy. Many people visit for me for my blog, here’s the entrance :


I love to work with media such as photos, video, graphics and text. Art, graphic design, photography and videography – or there or there about. Browse my Photography category :

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I’m passionate about promoting, it’s very very important for any online presence. So you will find articles here about promoting and SEO. Browse my SEO category :


Also of importance for any online presence is writing. So you will find writing here varying from creative to humorous to serious writing. People find blogs and websites with words, so wordsmithery is key skill for anyone building on the new land – the internet.


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  1. Hey Don, Indeed a GodFather, with Charisma, it looks like you’ve Charmed thousands of People, & that’s Cool – Congrats.
    I’m pretty New to the Blogging Art, one month in, as i never thought to be using a computer in such a manor., though due to sudden dramatic changes in life, reluctantly i am forced here Blogging towards the Unknown..
    i need to learn the language of Blog setups, presentation, & with the Little time spare that i have(little girl, Wife, daily routines), it’s almost impossible to ease at the writing Moment..
    Anyways, most appreciated you had stopped bye, Look into my work when your able, & comment truthfully, with an opinion on how i could perfect myself..

    1. You’re very welcome 😀 … I think blogging people engage most with people and things they personally connect with … so needs to be some of oneself in one’s blog … not magic, just common sense really … good luck with your blog, keep in touch 😀

    1. You’re very welcome 😀 … and hope you find some others, check out the “please share yourself here” page, plenty of bloggers looking to make connections 😀

      1. Yes indeed, because it is based on God’s word, and uniquely designed to give you the word of God based on individual topics or subjects. Also, you can simply ask a question and we’ll let the word of God give you the answer. NO interpretations of God’s word.

  2. Thanks for the follow! Your blog is very informative, especially the writing section. I hope to keep reading more vibrant posts!

  3. Hi Charismatic,
    Thank you so much for following my simple but meaningful blog!! It is always nice to connect with like minded people!!☺

    1. You’re welcome Ruthie, lovely to hear from you, as yet probably about time I did some more on promoting, although I like to mix with creative writing, so probably a how-to guide in there reading between the lines 😀

      1. Hey. It looks like a wonderful website you’ve got put up here. It’s actually inspirational for a new blogger like myself to see. The layout is lovely and some of the pictures are stunning. Thanks for dropping by to check out my blog and also for becoming a follower. I’ll be sure to continue to keep my eye out on yours! Happy Holidays!

  4. Hi … am intrigued by your blog and title and the way everybody is thanking you. waiting to explore more… 🙂

  5. Everybody is thanking you for the following, so thanks for following! 🙂

    This looks like a great website itself and I hope at some point I’ll achieve something like it!

  6. I am so happy to be among the follow chosen ones… Enjoyed checkin out your site. I am new to this world. Just had some interested jewelry design stories to share. Thank you for following. Enjoy your day.

  7. Thanks for your interest in my blog. I’m new at blogging and have lots to learn. But, I’m not not new in this life and have learned many lessons. I’m a word and quote person. Like your quotes.

  8. Thanks fut follow Don. Mind’, I’s confusticated ower yan thing: the says ‘Ought’s possibe wi’ charisma,’ but strutt abart an’ smile as I might these sheep wain’t budge an inch withart hard graft, now, what’s I doing wrang? Thar tell me.

    1. You’re welcome, and nicely written, although left me with a little ambiguity ! … so my answer is “patience and persistence”, and with those things sometimes comes “magic” …

  9. Hi Don, Thanks for the “Follow” I’m fairly new to Blogging, but hopefully you’ll find some of my poetry entertaining; there are a few humorous ones to come. I’m looking forward to more of your work.
    Cheers, Rog

  10. Hey Don! Thanks for following my new blog! I am a natural writer but new to blogging. Nice to know that I’m not dropping my words into a virtual black hole never to be seen again. You have quite the blog here. Lots to see and read.

    1. You’re very welcome, and don’t worry words do not go into a black hole, WordPress puts them in the reader and on Google, so people do find them searching on keywords …

  11. Hey Don! Love your site and thank you so much for being a follower of my blog. I don’t know where you’re from but if you want to be a victim of Southern cookin’, then try some of my recipes at your own risk j/k. Sorry, feeling humorous this am. Nice meeting you and thanks again! 😀

  12. Greetings Don, Thanks for the follow, your site looks great, that is what I want to be when I grow up. Efficiently making a presence on line.

  13. Thanks for following every single one of my blogs, I’ve noticed and it’s much appreciated. If I’m not mistaken,I’ve followed your photography blog last year, great stuff, keep up the good work. Cheers. ^_^v

  14. wow this is a great blog…you can follow Heartafire @ http//shakeyourtailfeathers@wordpress.com.
    I see you clicked on my old blog Hearts House, that is no longer working. Don’t even know why it is there. Would love to be followed by Don charisma!

  15. Don Charisma,

    Love the name. I see that you have found all of my blogs and are now following them all. I sooo much appreciate it.

    I have long followed and admired your blog, you have some wonderful photos that take me away from the ugliness in the world, into a peaceful, warm place. I thank you for that, not many bloggers have that ability. Alas, the more people that know the truth, the better this country will be; I am therefore, forced into bringing the ugliness to others.

    I just had to touch base with you and tell you how wonderful you are for bringing beauty to others. It helps us all alot.


    1. You’re welcome … and yes took a lot of research to find all !

      Touching and very kind words, I just do the blog how I like, with things I like and hope others will enjoy too … as for the ugliness, yes, there’s a lot of it, best we can do is foster beauty in ourselves, and in our friendships … that smile I made for someone random on the bus, could make the world of difference, you just don’t know … sometimes it’s made the world of difference for me, when someone’s done it to me … it’s how I met my girlfriend actually …

      See you soon


  16. Mr. Charisma!
    Thank you for following my Twin Peaks Archives. After the long, but faithful wait, it will be an exciting event to look forward to the 2016 Lynch/Frost Season THREE of TP!
    Renewed, I plan to post on a regular basis building up to the debut episode . . and beyond.
    May the Forest be with you!

  17. Don, thank you so much for following me at, “Through The Cracked Window.” I appreciate it.
    – Stephen

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