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Coronavirus Update: China “Probably” Suppressing Actual Infection Totals, 40500+ Confirmed

This update from about 45 mins ago @ 10-Feb-2020 12:32 UK time. Listening to it right now, whilst preparing this post.

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.

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Huawei – How To Pronounce ?

(That’s enough blogging for one day – time for some downtime)

No need to tell me the right answer, I’ve heard it on TV relating to UK 5G deal with Huawei.

But when I first saw the name on a phone in the phone shop … well … I tried to guess :

“Who are we”

“Who a wee”

“Who’re wee”

“Who way”

And then I’m joking with a friend, and I’m like

“Who the hell are we ?”

(It’s funnier if you try to pronounce it in English out loud)

Kind of ironic though, with the controversy surrounding the company, and then the UK government striking a deal with them, whilst the rest of the world don’t want to touch them with a barge pole.

Comments invited 🙂


Don Charisma

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Coronavirus Update: 35000+ Cases, Infection Does Not Confer Full Resistance, USA First Death

This update from about 2 hours ago @ 08-Feb-2020 13:28 UK time. (will have to watch it myself later, don’t have time right this minute)

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.

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Coronavirus – The Virus Whistleblower (The Doctor) – Does Anyone Have Up-To-Date News On Him ?

Please can anyone who reads my blog answer this question from one of my readers – The Modern Theologian :

I have a question, if you or one of your followers can answer. There have been conflicting reports over a doctor in China (the virus “whistleblower” as he is referred to in our media) having died. Some reports say he is dead, others say he is still being worked on in one of their medical facilities. As is the case in most US news outlets follow-up stories rarely happen, so the doctors real state gets lost. Have you heard anything?


Source –


Don Charisma

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Coronavirus – Official YouTube Channel – WHO (World Health Organisation)

For those like me who prefer to watch video, rather than read – The WHO (World Health Organisation), has a YouTube channel with many videos relating to the Coronavirus :

Here’s an explanatory video (31-Jan-2020) about the virus (you should watch this) :

Stay safe, and hopefully we all will.

PLEASE REBLOG and SHARE ANY OF THESE POSTS, if you think it will help others (mainstream media is renowned for being useless with this kind of thing)


Don Charisma

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Official Website Link For Coronavirus Information – WHO (World Health Organisation)

The WHO (World Health Organisation), has provided a link for information about the Coronavirus :

It took quite a long time to load, I guess they must be getting millions of views. So be patient if you use the link. Might be worth printing out any documents, if you think their website could go down.

I listed some basic preparations you could make in my first post about Coronavirus here :

Especially make sure you have access to bottled water (a person can last 2 weeks without water)

And canned goods, probably protein type (tuna/tinned meats), but also some carbs and fats (eg baked beans), which can be eaten cold if necessary (a person can live 4 weeks or more without food)

Probably don’t go crazy with it, in case it’s not as bad as it might be, buy foods that you’d eat anyway.

Try stay calm, panic won’t help you or others, could actually make things a lot worse. Probably the authorities will get this sorted out, and probably it won’t be a problem for you.

Although I’m becoming more and more concerned as each day passes and reports seem to worsening. Reason I say this, is that YOU (WE) need to take this seriously, wherever you live.

I’m just passing the information on – I don’t know what sources you guys have where you are.

Stay safe, and hopefully we all will.

PLEASE REBLOG and SHARE ANY OF THESE POSTS, if you think it will help others (mainstream media is renowned for being useless with this kind of thing)


Don Charisma

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US$675 Million Needed For New Coronavirus Preparedness And Response Global Plan

This straight from WHO (World Health Organisation), yesterday 5-Feb-2020 :

US$675 million needed for new coronavirus preparedness and response global plan


Urgent support needed to protect vulnerable countries from outbreak


5 February 2020, News release, Geneva, Switzerland


To fight further spread of the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak in China and globally, and protect states with weaker health systems, the international community has launched a US$675 million preparedness and response plan covering the months of February through to April 2020.


“My biggest worry is that there are countries today who do not have the systems in place to detect people who have contracted with the virus, even if it were to emerge,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “Urgent support is needed to bolster weak health systems to detect, diagnose and care for people with the virus, to prevent further human to human transmission and protect health workers.”


The Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan (SPRP) for the new coronavirus lays out activities and resources needed by international health organizations globally, including WHO, to implement priority public health measures in support of countries to prepare and respond to nCoV-2019 for a period February-April 2020. The objectives of the plan are to  limit human-to-human transmission of the virus, particularly in countries most vulnerable if they were to face an outbreak; identify, isolate and care for patients early; communicate critical risk and event information; minimize social and economic impact; reduce virus spread from animal sources; and address crucial unknowns.


The plan focuses on:


Rapidly establishing international coordination and operational support;
Scaling up country readiness and response operations;
Accelerating priority research and innovation.
“The effectiveness of outbreak response depends on the preparedness measures put in place before outbreaks strike,” said Dr Mike Ryan, head of WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme. “That is why we are seeking resources to safeguard the most vulnerable countries to protect people from the new coronavirus before it arrives on the doorstep.”


As noted in the SPRP, WHO assesses that the outbreak poses a very high risk in China, and high risk regionally and globally. The risk assessment was based on factors including the likelihood of further spread, the potential impact on human health, and the varying levels of effectiveness in national preparedness and response measures. Accelerated action, as called for in the plan, can address these risks and areas requiring support.


As of 10 a.m. Central European Time on 5 February, 25 countries have reported confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, including China, where 24,363 people had contracted the virus, or over 99% of all cases. In all other countries, 191 cases have contracted the virus.


Source –


Hope you are safe, and stays that way for you. Now might be the time to make some preparations for extended stay at home, ie canned foods, bottled water, grains, pulses etc – for more information, please to refer to my earlier posts.

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Coronavirus Update: 24,000+ Infected, Two Confirmed New Epicenters (Zheijang, Guangdong)

One source I heard there’s been 500 deaths in China. This situation is looking pretty serious right now, so please take some precautions, it’s sounding like this may develop into a full blown pandemic.

Sorry the video is 16 hours old now, but this guy is the best information source I’ve found so far. Will do my best to look for more information tomorrow.

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.

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Coronavirus Update: 20,000+ Infected, Belgium, CA Cases, Unlikely to be Contained, CDC Admits

Just found this on YouTube, this guys seems to have done some extensive research – so just passing on …

Saw this as a pinned comment – “Singapore and Thailand just had a big jump in cases”


Don Charisma

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My Blog Stats Are Taking Off – Thanks To All My New Readers And Followers

Over the last week or two my blog stats have gone through the roof, and many new followers have added me – great to see as I know I’m sharing often content which doesn’t always fit people’s confirmation bias.

So, Just wanted to say a quick thanks. I try and post what I think is interesting, unusual, new, upcoming and outside establishment. And, when I have the capacity be creative and share new creations.
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ffmpeg One Liner – Still Photo + Music File = Video File

ffmpeg is one of the most powerful video/audio enoding/decoding/etc tools out there. It’s been around for donkey’s years, and used by amateurs and pros alike.

The main downside is that it’s a command line only tool, so if you’re not willing or able to “get your hands dirty” then probably just do a next on this post. If you want to to try it out, there’s plenty of guides accessible via Google et al which will shine a light on the path for you.

ffmpeg is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. ffmpeg has codecs included for just about every photo/audio/video imaginable. As one comment I spotted online eluded – ffmpeg is very very smart, more than people give it credit for.
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How To Make FREE Money From Transferwise – Risk Free

I’ve been using Transferwise for about three years now. I don’t recommend things I’ve never used to others, otherwise I’d have talked about Transferwise on my blog before. I’ve made maybe 70 transfers with them by now, each of which went flawlessly. It’s a service I use regularly, and is convenient and efficient for helping manage my money, and saves me money.
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Coronavirus – Update 1

I went out today to fetch some bottled water, have enough now I guess for two people for a couple of weeks. It was heavy to carry home ! Stocked up on bleach and some more tinned foods.

I passed the laundry and hairdresser that I use on the way. Both were closed, without explanation. New year has passed a month ago and Chinese new year was 5 days ago. The next Thai public holiday is 10-Feb “Makha Bucha”. So, I suspect the owners and workers are staying at home, presumably until this Coronavirus issue blows over.

BBC reported 132 deaths, nearly 6000 confirmed cases and nearly 10000 suspected cases in China, and that 16 other countries have confirmed cases – 4 hours ago – YouTube BBC News Channel – (30-Jan-2020 @ 11:00GMT) – video included in this post.

200 Brits are being evacuated from Wuhan, and will be quarantined in UK for 14 days. US is taking similar measures for their citizens.

UK government has held a “Cobra” meeting, which usually happens for things like terrorist attacks. ie only for very serious and grave issues.

Australia are quarantining people, including Australian citizens on Christmas island, which has been controversial.


The death toll of the coronavirus has risen to 170 and with a confirmed case in Tibet, the virus has now spread to every region in mainland China.

Source – BBC News YouTube

I don’t trust the BBC further than I could throw them, but they seem to be the largest mainstream outlet I could find reporting on it. (on a side note – BBC is showing adverts on their videos on YouTube, so hopefully they’ll adopt this model elsewhere and stop ripping UK citizens off for a license fee)

Stay safe, I hope you and your loved ones are.


Don Charisma

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Coronavirus – Could Be Worse Than We’ve Been Told

First like to say I’ve been acquiring snippets of information about this disease over the past week or so. I’m no expert, nor do I have any reliable sources. Just passing on some things I’ve heard, I don’t know if they are factual or not, although I’ve tried my best write this accurately.

The coronavirus causes a pneumonia type sickness. Pneumonia is a disease of the lungs, basically it becomes harder and harder for the person infected to breath. As it’s a virus, then this is a viral pneumonia.

I also heard it can cause digestive system problems.

Anti-biotics have no effect on viruses (anti-biotics are for bacteria)

It’s airborne, so caught similar to catching flu or a cold. Most likely the virus would enter the body via mouth, nose or eyes.

These are things I’ve heard, I don’t have sources, so don’t take them as “the truth” or fact – more that they are possible.

  • I heard a report from one source that the Chinese had a biological warfare unit in Wuhan, and was speculated they may have let something loose accidentally.
  • I heard that the Chinese have lied about the scale of the problem, deaths and infections may be worse than reported by the Chinese. They will probably continue to do this.
  • I heard The WHO have upped their risk assessment from moderate to high.
  • I heard The percentage of people dying is increasing in reports, ie 1% then 2-3% etc. others are reporting higher.
  • I heard that it’s elderly and people who are already sick that are most at risk, but we’re still not sure about this, could be that it just takes longer with healthier/younger people.
  • I heard that Chinese were slow to react to the situation, and could have contained it much quicker
  • I heard British Airways have cancelled ALL flights in and out of China
  • I heard that cases of Coronavirus have been reported pretty much globally
  • I have heard Chinese travel to many different countries during Chinese new year, and that was on 25-Jan, four days ago.
  • I heard a vaccine could take 6 months to year to develop

At this stage we still don’t know how bad this is going to be – It could be that it’s relatively a small problem. Or, it could be a pandemic (ie global, and serious).

There are some precautions you can take now, if you think you may be in an area where there’s a risk of infection.

  • Water is the first thing to go into short supply, and the first thing one would die of in an extended period of staying at home. One can live without water for about 2 weeks. It’s over a month without food.
  • Services such as electricity, gas, water could be affected (workers on services may have to stay at home or might get sick). So might be worth thinking about stocking up on some canned goods, you know stuff you can eat, that doesn’t go off, without cooking. Think a couple of weeks, and food that you’d be able to eat anyway, if it all turns out to be nothing to worry about.
  • Outdoors, covering your mouth and nose with anything is better than nothing, sunglasses or safety glasses could also help avoid infection via the eyes.
  • Disinfect what you covered your mouth with and footwear with bleach or similar on returning home. And then put it out to dry before using again.
  • Get some alcohol gel hand cleaner, and if you need to touch your face, then clean your hands first.
  • It may be difficult to get out of your home, so any medicines one requires on daily basis, visit the doctor and try and get a couple of weeks or a month’s supply.
  • Fill up some buckets, or a bath with water for washing/bathing, in case water goes off.
  • Get some candles, in case power goes off (it’s also possible to heat small amounts of food or water with candles)

I do honestly hope and pray that this disease is just going to be a global scare, and it’ll be a small number of casualties. But one should also accept the possibility, that this could be worse than we’re being told (mass panic, could make matters worse, so reports could have been muted for this reason). Best to stay calm, and think things through logically and thoroughly.

Free free to add anything you’ve heard, or I’ve missed or stated incorrectly in the comments section – I probably won’t reply, unless I know something to be incorrect.


Don Charisma

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Brexit Implications Beyond UK – George Soros’ Communist Master Plan

(For my Canadian friend et al)

Interesting what the globalist elites have planned for us and how they’ve been going about it :

I’ve found Dr Steve Turley’s presentations quite interesting and informative regarding US & world politics, he’s posting daily on YouTube. I think many people and countries are waking up to the importance of “nationalist populist” as Steve puts it.

Politically, most likely, I’m a centrist. So, if you’re commenting from far-left or far-right, then it’s about the same for me – I don’t subscribe to your ideologies. I find both communism and fascism, abhorrent in about equal measure. I thank whatever gods exist, every day, that I don’t have to live in a place like Nazi-Germany or Communist-Russia.

Thanks to my new followers, again, I don’t where you came from or why, I don’t think I did anything particularly special – but thanks anyway.


Don Charisma

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Brexit Bill Given Royal Ascent

Just a quick update, seems like I was wrong about the Brexit bill going back to the House of Lords (maybe it did briefly) – anyway, it’s been given Royal assent (ie signed off), so from what I understand, ball is now in Europe’s court (they’ll agree to it or not, probably they will). Here’s the video clip from the parliament.

Not sure what the SNP MP is banging on about, but mostly I think it’s probably some kind of scheme to delay or scuttle the Brexit bill, like we need that 8 days before we leave, after waiting nearly 4 years since 2016. Presumably the government doesn’t need the approval he’s complaining about anyway, otherwise they’d have got that before Royal assent.

At least that’s my layman’s understanding.


Don Charisma

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Brexit beats the House of Lords – Jeff Taylor

A friend of the blog from Canada, said that they were interested in what’s happening in UK regarding Brexit. When initially searching for news last year (because I was fed up with Google recommending The Guardian and The BBC), I found that it was difficult to obtain the facts. So, have had to hunt around, a hunt which paid off, I’m now able to get up-to-date news, which isn’t propaganda or fake news.

So, I’m sharing this, as it’s current and Jeff Taylor (who’s probably more a centrist than anything else), reports factually (which can easily be confirmed via other reputable sources, like the video feeds from Parliament and House of Lords).

Basically, the UK Brexit withdraw law was passed in the Parliament last year. The House of Lords then have a chance to add amendments – which they did this week. It was then passed back to Parliament, and voted on, and all of their amendments where denied/ voted down.

From what I understand it has to go back to House of Lords again. It’s likely they will this time approve it, and not add any amendments. One of the reasons being is that they’ve made themselves unpopular already in the past and there’s talk of reform of the House of Lords (keeping one’s job springs to mind). Do we really need 800 people being paid at top tier salaries in the House of Lords – isn’t that a bit of a waste of money ?

Then next is that the law needs Royal ascent, which basically mean the Queen signing off on it – which will just happen, basically.

And, then lastly it needs to be approved by the Europe. If they don’t, then it’s a “hard Brexit” on 31-Jan-2020, ie UK leaves without a trade deal, on WTO terms. Which, from what I’ve been hearing may not be a disaster (as the scare mongers have prophesied), might actually be a better outcome for UK. It’s actually my preferred outcome, get this shitshow over and done with, and get on with sorting out UK’s real problems. But – Dunno, not an expert here regarding WTO vs Europe/UK trade agreement, and I don’t know anyone who is either.

If Europe do approve it, then UK still “leaves” Europe on 31-Jan-2020, but then there’s a Brexit implementation period (basically UK and Europe negotiating a trade deal), with final FULL leave date of 31-Dec-2020.

Most likely Europe will begrudgingly approve the law. So most likely UK will “leave” Europe on 31-Jan-2020, into the Brexit implementation period.

Or there, or there abouts, in somewhat layman’s terms. Sorry I’m not a journalist, or news blog, just putting the word out there. More I enjoy creative writing and opinions, than the hard stuff like serious journalism.

Jeff produces videos every day, and if Brexit is of interest to you, then might be worth following his channel.

I don’t know his political leaning intimately, but those that lean to the left, or are pro-Europe, or are a communist, well, he may not fit your confirmation bias. So might not be your cup of tea. Just saying …

Anyway – For me I’m a centrist, so am able to digest traditional real journalism/facts, and Jeff fulfills my inquisitiveness into what’s actually happening in politics in UK, especially regarding Brexit.

So for that, Thanks Jeff, and also Thanks for filling the void made by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, The Guardian, The Independent and the other one, forget the name, sorry about that. Should also say – thanks UK fakestream media for becoming irrelevant, and making space for new entrants, truly in this case it seems that “diversity is our strength” 🙂 Perhaps soon now I can stop paying for (on pain of a criminal record) a BBC service I don’t use, like or want, or think is relevant anymore.

Lastly, thanks to the 1000 or so new followers, over past couple of days – I don’t know where you came from (or why), but a heart felt welcome anyway. I don’t know if I can live up to your expectations, only time will tell that. A lot of the time I do photography, sometimes I write. A lot of the time I don’t blog at all.


Don Charisma

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Thousands Of Employers Coming To UK After Brexit

I Imagine those who would wish to scare us, like to report all of the bad news about what’s happening in UK regarding business and jobs, and etc – this disaster and that problem. Whilst it’s important to let people know about news that may effect them. It’s manipulative just to report on things that have negative impact, especially when there’s a partisan motivation behind it. There’s a name for that “propaganda”, which isn’t journalism, and some of the outlets have upped their game to the next notch of purely producing purely “partisan rhetoric”

For past-me, I just went to the news to find out the facts, keep myself abreast of current affairs. These days mainstream media continuously seems to be trying to brainwash me, in ways I know are fundamentally harmful – divisive, manipulative, exaggerated and often not even factual.

It’s why, these days I look around for my news sources, and have discarded outlets who (perhaps) were once journalist, the likes of The Gaurdian, BBC and CNN, it’s long list. For the time being, real news seems to have scattered and involves a little effort to find, as it’s been obfuscated by those who wish us to be brainwashed. It’s actually quite refreshing, in a way, as I’ve not got access to a wide range of voices and can make up my own mind.

Overall I think there’s a real opportunity out there for new media outlets to become established, and also things like indie-TV and Cinema – Exciting times when mainstream media and Hollywood are rotten to the core, and are no longer serving their intended purposes – massive opportunities there for those who’re riding the next wave.

Anyway, enough of me sounding off – some POSITIVE post-Brexit news – from Reuters :

“A thousand EU financial firms plan to open UK offices after Brexit”

Which I was made aware of by Jeff Taylor :

For those who like summaries, rather than reading and watching :

LONDON (Reuters) – More than a thousand banks, asset managers, payments companies and insurers in the European Union plan to open offices in post-Brexit Britain so they can continue serving UK clients, regulatory consultancy Bovill said on Monday.

This would make sense to me that smart money would have been holding off on investing in UK during times of uncertainty. As Brexit is starting to draw to a close, I hope we’ll see this actually happening and prosperity actually returning to UK.

Even though I was originally pro-remain regarding Brexit, I’m looking into 2020 with optimistic outlook – I think the UK can become great again.


Don Charisma

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Why I Think Stocks May Crash, Hard

The problem is that when stocks start selling, others start selling their stocks too, it turns into to a selling frenzy. Short selling on stocks is rarely pretty, or predictable, fortunes have been wiped out in seconds. From what I understand, RBS has advised their clients, well basically to “sell everything” within the last few days. Doesn’t sound particularly responsible for a global bank, but I have no control over what they say. It’s also possible that RBS might be right. Continue reading Why I Think Stocks May Crash, Hard

What’s Beyond Space ?

My local TV station has been showing World Science Festival, TED, and some other science shows. It’s fascinating to hear the accepted theories on how the universe was created, stars, black holes etc. From what I understand our universe is thought to be a little under 14 billion years old, which is a staggering length of time …

Some of the other quantities like the number of stars (10-200 sextillion) and number of planets they think are in our universe are even more vast, so vast in fact it’s pretty challenging to comprehend things like – there are (perhaps) more stars in our universe than grains of sand on all the beaches on earth.

From what I understand, our universe is expanding, has been since the beginning. It’s what scientists call “inflation”. Liking to think beyond what I’m told, I do puzzle about what exactly the universe is expanding into.

Is there simply more “space” which is infinite ?

Or is “space” being created to expand into ?

Or, something else ?


Don Charisma

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Beach Sunset Perfect – Irene

Irene has been a long term friend here on WordPress, ever since we bumped into each other via the Harsh Reality blog. Irene blogs about life, family and her beautiful Jewellery designs.

I really enjoyed this piece of writing, Irene, because you said lots of nice things about me, which I’m always happy to hear … Pizza and beer or wine, yeah definitely up for that, it’s “a date”, let me know when you’re flight arrives ! Continue reading Beach Sunset Perfect – Irene