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Dr John Campbell – “Sunrise Segment 14th April”

This update from Dr John Campbell from about 4 hours ago @ 14-Apr-2020 14:58 UK time.

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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The Origin Of Fear

Firstly – Happy Easter. Clearly I’m a wrong thinker, and contradictions-a-plenty – so don’t expect a traditional Easter message !

During these times which just seem to get odder and odder – I don’t write so much anymore, the shape of free speech has changed for the worse over the last few years, and often times I’m not interested in competing for the “freshly pressed” award I’ll never receive, nor care about TBH, or the income I’ll never get from blogging. Matt and WordPress.com don’t like me, I’m fairly certain of that by now, for mostly, they think I’m a “wrong thinker”, in an Orwellian way. To the extent I’m now officially shadow banned on WordPress.com (maybe I’ll write about that experience someday). I’ve even been a long time follower and liker of ma.tt’s blog, but that doesn’t make any difference. Is what it is, c’est la vie.

So, I share what’s of interest to me, use my meagre talents as best I can – sometimes I do write, sometimes I’m compelled to write enthusiastically, other times not so much. I like to help promote other’s art, especially when they are better artists than me – because they help me improve, learn and grow as a person. When we’re helping each other, it’s a cooperative win-win.

Since publishing three recent guest blogger’s submissions – there’s a few things been bouncing around in the Don Charisma thinking soup. Each blogger very different, and each very thoughtful in their own expression. Each made me think deeply – Maria about “doing/thinking vs being”, Urban about how he perceived my blog, plus an interesting foray into the paradox of light and dark and Shelley about solidarity during the pandemic. The thinking soup ended me up at, “the quote” :-

The included quote is something that I read about 10 years ago, and eventually sprang to mind out of the soup. The part in bold was the most memorable, or at least what stuck in my mind. But doesn’t work to quote it out of context, so I have included the context, or at least enough of the context.

(A theology student once told me I’m a “humanist”, and I’d say, having looked up what one of those is, he’s probably right. So, I don’t draw my theology from any one authoritative source, I prefer to keep an open mind. Eckhart Tolle was handy at the time, although most of my cultural and theological influences have been Christian, Hindi or Buddhist)

I’ve suspected for a while, that the edict of some – “every human interaction is power based”, is defective and will likely lead to suffering, for others, but mostly for themselves. The vainglory in power obsession over all else, seems probable to make life as meaningless as nihilism, and the world as hostile a place as ever one could live in. And in living by such an edict – haven’t you just objectified, into a mere tool to do your bidding, every other human being on the planet ? Where is the place for love, sharing, kindness, compassion and empathy ? Or, solidarity ? Or, doing the right thing ?

Still, each to their own I guess. Perhaps I’m naive, and I need to learn something. Perhaps I’m not naive and I have already learnt something (thanks to Urban for that one).

So, this is my “reaction video” in written form, or response, to my three guest blogger’s most excellent writings – Thankyou again Maria, Urban and Shelley.

cat,fight,young,play,cat baby,animal world,playful,backlighting,kitten,domestic cat,movement,submission,pet,alley cat,red,striped,mackerel, DON CHARISMA,baby cat

The psychological condition of fear is divorced from any concrete and true immediate danger.


It comes in many forms: unease, worry, anxiety, nervousness, tension, dread, phobia, and so on. This kind of psychological fear is always of something that might happen, not of something that is happening now. You are in the here and now, while your mind is in the future. This creates an anxiety gap. And if you are identified with your mind and have lost touch with the power and simplicity of the Now, that anxiety gap will be your constant companion. You can always cope with the present moment, but you cannot cope with something that is only a mind projection – you cannot cope with the future.


Moreover, as long as you are identified with your mind, the ego runs your life. Because of its phantom nature, and despite elaborate defense mechanisms, the ego is very vulnerable and insecure, and it sees itself as constantly under threat. This, by the way, is the case even if the ego is outwardly very confident. Now remember that an emotion is the body’s reaction to your mind. What message is the body receiving continuously from the ego, the false, mind-made self? Danger, I am under threat. And what is the emotion generated by this continuous message? Fear, of course.


Fear seems to have many causes. Fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of being hurt, and so on, but ultimately all fear is the ego’s fear of death, of annihilation. To the ego, death is always just around the corner. In this mind-identified state, fear of death affects every aspect of your life.

For example, even such a seemingly trivial and “normal” thing as the compulsive need to be right in an argument and make the other person wrong – defending the mental position with which you have identified – is due to the fear of death. If you identify with a mental position, then if you are wrong, your mind-based sense of self is seriously threatened with annihilation. So you as the ego cannot afford to be wrong. To be wrong is to die. Wars have been fought over this, and countless relationships have broken down.


Once you have disidentified from your mind, whether you are right or wrong makes no difference to your sense of self at all, so the forcefully compulsive and deeply unconscious need to be right, which is a form of violence, will no longer be there. You can state clearly and firmly how you feel or what you think, but there will be no aggressiveness or defensiveness about it. Your sense of self is then derived from a deeper and truer place within yourself, not from the mind.


Watch out for any kind of defensiveness within yourself. What are you defending? An illusory identity, an image in your mind, a fictitious entity.


By making this pattern conscious, by witnessing it, you disidentify from it. In the light of your consciousness, the unconscious pattern will then quickly dissolve.


This is the end of all arguments and power games, which are so corrosive to relationships. Power over others is weakness disguised as strength. True power is within, and it is available to you now.


The mind always seeks to deny the Now and to escape from it. In other words, the more you are identified with your mind, the more you suffer. Or you may put it like this: The more you are able to honor and accept the Now, the more you are free of pain, of suffering – and free of the egoic mind.


If you no longer want to create pain for yourself and others, if you no longer want to add to the residue of past pain that still lives on in you, then don’t create any more time, or at least no more than is necessary to deal with the practical aspects of your life. How to stop creating time?


Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life.


Whereas before you dwelt in time and paid brief visits to the Now, have your dwelling place in the Now and pay brief visits to past and future when required to deal with the practical aspects of your life situation.


Always say “yes” to the present moment.


– Eckhart Tolle (an excerpt from “Practising The Power Of Now”)

For lovers of the concise I recommend “Practising The Power Of Now”, as it’s essentially the teachings of Eckhart Tolle in 72 pages. I have read both of the other books of the same time period, and this one I found most useful in it’s simplicity.

My best way to explain Eckhart Tolle’s teachings would be, to impart spiritual knowledge (for want of a better word “enlightenment”) without religious dogma or doctrine. Or there, or there abouts.

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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Boris Johnson Says ‘It Could Have Gone Either Way’ As He Leaves Hospital (UK)

Thankfully Boris made it through, in-spite of the slew of DISGUSTING obviously partisan comments, on social media, even on my own blog. I debated outing the “troll”, but that’s probably what they wanted, attention via any means. I can’t imagine there was any rational argument or reason for wishing a sick person to die – so I just put it down to probable mental health issues. I’m no expert in that field, so I’ll leave it at that.

Anyway – Boris Johnson, seemingly in good spirits, from about 1 hour ago @ 12-Apr-2020 17:30 UK time.

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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If COVID19 Can’t Bring Us Together Nothing Will

If COVID19 Can’t Bring Us Together Nothing Will

by Shelley (c) 8-Apr-2020

I think we can all agree that we are fighting a common enemy.  At the writing of this post 81,478 lives have been lost to COVID19, and infections have long surpassed 1 million worldwide.  Countries are in lockdown, there is great uncertainty and the world is gasping for breath, literally and figuratively.  These are extraordinary times like we have never witnessed, and you would think that we would cling to each other, help each other, defend each other against this common enemy, but yet we squabble among ourselves like seagulls on a beach fighting for that last piece of tossed watermelon rind.

Of course, the divisiveness is not easily apparent in many countries, and doesn’t exist in some, however here in the west it’s a free for all.  A few days earlier, reports of shipments of N95 masks being blocked from leaving the US incited anger and debate. [1]

Not only has the US blocked shipments of masks to Canada and Latin America.  It has also blocked the shipment of ventilators to Barbados.  Additionally, buying medical supplies at inflated prices while circumventing previously agreed upon contracts with other countries, is a version of “modern day piracy” as termed by The Guardian. [2]

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N95 masks, ventilators and personal protective equipment are in high demand.  In countries that did very little to prepare, the game to acquire these materials is on, leaving other poorer or defenseless countries to fend for themselves.  Is this a form of bullying?  And when all is said and done, what becomes of the relationships that are damaged?

Beyond the global squabbling, it has been noted that domestic violence is on the rise. [3]

As families are sequestered together, not all is wine and roses.  Perhaps more wine than roses and that may be the issue.  If there were cracks in your domestic relationships before, then those cracks have turned to chasms as many families are confined to their homes and time spent together is enforced.

In a recent article The San Antonio Express News states, “Last month, when local residents were told to stay home in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, emergency 911 calls for family violence increased 18 percent compared to the same time in 2019, officials said Tuesday.” [4] This means that victims are facing greater hardships than just combating potential illness.  Lives are at risk and abusers are taking advantage of an already difficult situation.

To get a sense of the divide in North America you just have to visit Twitter for a short period of time where opinions are rampant even though they may be spurious and misinformed.  Typically based on political, religious or ideological beliefs people engage in combat with each other but contribute nothing to the solution or system at large.  Fingers of blame point in all directions, not recognizing that blame does little to alleviate a situation that is going to change our world permanently, in some ways not for the better.


At a time when we need to be physically apart, we need to come together ideologically. Work on the solution together. Find the common path beyond this crisis.  There is greater strength in unity than in any one individual’s belief system.

If COVID19 can’t bring us together, nothing will.  We’re sunk, and we deserve all we get.

Shelley (c) 8-Apr-2020


[1] https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52161032
[2] https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/03/mask-wars-coronavirus-outbidding-demand
[3] https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/06/world/coronavirus-domestic-violence.html
[4] https://www.expressnews.com/news/local/article/Family-violence-calls-increase-18-percent-in-San-15184892.php


Shelley’s bio (in brief) – I dive into data for business and emotional intelligence, and because curiosity kills.  Data is a storyteller.  Measuring and analyzing data reveals the story and shifts decision-making.


Shelley has been a long time follower of my blog, and we’ve become friends.

I’m very proud indeed to present her writing to you, and her message of solidarity during this global crisis we are *all* facing.

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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“More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won’t!” (Dana Ashlie)

A friend who lives in the states sent me this, it’s from a few days ago. It’s counter to the current mainstream narrative, so, was an interesting watch for me – as I like to get the story from more than one perspective.

I’m not “on the ground” in US, don’t know Cuomo personally. etc, etc. – So, as for the truth, either way, I don’t know. As per my disclaimer, that’s for you to decide.

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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THE NATURE OF TIME [by mariafokas]

How did we get to this dire point; not all at once, I suppose, but bit by bit, being too busy with life; drunk with regrets of the past and manipulated into worrying about the future. I don’t know what stand to take today. I tried writing this post so many times, stopped, and started, and stopped, and then back to the keyboard – and all I accomplished was to exhaust myself; you’d think it were a love letter, where I struggle to find the perfect words to make it work; while hiding the gore of bodies piling up without end as we speak –

Going back to the beginning of this virus, I started gathering information, believing it would help me and my loved ones. I watched and read everything about this novel virus. I even had an opinion about how governments of countries are handling it, and responding to it, and soon enough it began to take me hostage; it had become an addiction; collecting all the news this virus was creating. The stories I came across were endless; the mistakes and delays of the world health organization, the secret agendas of governments, Bill Gates and the Rockefellers involved in promoting it, conspiracy theories, a novel supposedly written in 1981 predicting it; and then I put my two-cents in too… what if just maybe, E.M. Forster predicted our restricted lives due to this virus, in his short story, The Machine Stops, (1909),  and just maybe, the Titanic had also been predicted in Morgan Robertson’s novella The Wreck of the Titan (1898). And was it the iceberg that took 1500 lives, or was it the delayed response, and ignorance to the iceberg? But, does any of this solve the problem?

I listened to people complaining about having to stay home. Could they not see the devastating alternative; images around the world of hospitals in chaos, doctors forced to decide who lives and who dies. Dead bodies in New York, stacked up in 18 wheeler-truck-fridges. A nurse in Italy, calling it the lonely flu; people dying all over the world without any hope for recovery; isolated without their loved ones to hold their hand in their final moment; to be reminded that THEY WERE LOVED! This virus has exposed the weaknesses in our system, our weakness to prepare, our weakness to prevent and to prevail – I think about our response to this virus; our delayed actions, and ignorance; the crack in our health system due to the governments we voted for; or didn’t even bother voting; too busy that day; giving away our greatest power of voice.

I listened to President Trump telling the American people that it was going to go away like a miracle, I heard Boris Johnson claiming that there was no need for restrictions; business as usual; we’d eventually become immune to it; Turkmenistan’s government claiming it doesn’t exist and, making it illegal to utter the word “coronavirus” or you’ll be arrested. The world health organization not only took too long to declare it a Pandemic, but they also informed us that there was no true evidence of human to human transmission, on January 14th – And China kept too quiet about the information that would have saved lives.

ceidefields-barrie-maguire, DON CHARISMA
“Ceidefields” by (c) Barrie Maguire

But I will not search for more to blame. I closed my door to the fear this virus has been spreading; the kind of fear that makes us weaker. I began to feel the stillness I was forced to bear and noticed the voice inside my head; words not mine, but nevertheless, coming from me; regurgitations of the outside world telling me, all the things I should believe and should be doing and should be wanting. And I stopped! I was not going to waste any more time –

These stay-at-home restrictions haven’t been taking time away from us; they’ve been giving it back to us. Having to live hour-to-hour, I realize that all I have in this world is that hour; that moment to moment that flows through me, and what I choose to do with that moment, determines everything. . . “God give me the wisdom to know the difference.” –

So, I wonder about the universal values of today – how do we make choices; on the basis of what? Yes, 95% of the information out there is a lie, so what is the truth? The truth might be that it will go away and that we will continue our lives regardless of how it has affected each and every one of us. We will gather the data and analyze the outcome – and there will be much talk and more blame but the crime will never be solved; and then soon after, we may forget.

Or we can decide to wrap our arms around the only thing that truly belongs to us – the present moment in time – not the past – not the future – only that precious moment; the one thing no one can take away from us; the most precious commodity we give away, in exchange for a deception; a promise for a “better” future waiting to be obtained. Aren’t the past and the future merely labels to define illusions; an anchor holding us back and, a promise of a holy grail at the end of the tunnel, in exchange for our lives?

Having to give up my freedom for a brief moment in time ended up saving me from an empty life filled with goals but no essence. This stillness made me aware of how numb I had become, and how I completely took my existence for granted; using myself to make ends meet, instead of experiencing life as a means to an end. So do I want to go back to that life, when the restrictions have been lifted; do we go back to the life this virus momentarily took away from us, or, when this is all over, do we make it better?

The Nature of Time by (c) Maria Fokas April 5/2020 (Thankyou Maria)

Artwork – “Ceidefields” by (c) Barrie Maguire, (published with permission of the Artist, Thankyou Barrie)

Maria has also written a poem, which is kind of a “companion” to this writing, you can find it here –

The Nature of Time/poem

Thanks to Maria Fokas, for this guest blog, which I’m EXTREMELY proud to publish. She’s lovely person and would highly recommend visiting her at her blog.

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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Master Forum SEO In Just A Few Minutes

Promoting a blog or website is a continuous process, provided that is you actually want people to visit your site. For most individuals/businesses/charities/artists/writers we want people to visit our site, that was the whole point of setting up a website in the first place.

There are many facets and opportunities in promoting, forum SEO just one of many.

Forum SEO has garnered a recently “retired” WordPress.com support volunteer over 8 MILLION hits on their relatively mediocre site. So, it’s a strategy that IS very VERY powerful.

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Nice Poem From Bernard In France

Bernard posted this lovely poem in my comments today. I thought it worth sharing :

Bonjour Ami


J’ai un cœur, tout tendre qui bat
Un petit cœur qui pourtant est grand comme ça
Il y a toujours une place pour une personne


Mon petit cœur est peux-t être fragile
Il m’a dis un jour
Que tu as réussi à trouver le mot de passe pour venir sur mon blog


Que ce code n’était pas très compliqué
Il est fait d’amour et d’amitié , de tendresse et de douceur
Ce n’est pas parce que on ne se voit pas ,que cela n’existe pas

Mon petit cœur te souhaite une bonne journée en ce Vendredi
Un bon week-end

Prends soin de toi, Bisous Bernard


Author – https://bernard25.wordpress.com/about/

paris,french,vintage,old,lady,flower,hat,edwardian,paper,book,ring binder,tourism,paris france,eiffel tower,building,architecture,france,view,attraction,tourist,parisian,historic, DONCHARISMA

Translation into English (Google translate):

Hello friend


I have a tender, beating heart
A little heart that is however big like that
There is always room for one person

My little heart can be fragile
He told me one day
That you managed to find the password to come to my blog


That this code was not very complicated
It is made of love and friendship, tenderness and sweetness
Just because you don’t see yourself doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist


My little heart wishes you a good day on this Friday
A good week-end


Take care of yourself, Kisses Bernard

Thanks Bernard, hope you are safe.


Don Charisma

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COVID-19 – Dr John Campbell – “London Real – Parts 1 And 2”

Dr. John Campbell did an interview with “London Real”, part 1 was posted a few days ago, part 2 was just released today. So I’ve put them together in one post for you.

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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