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Candace Owens: This Is What’s REALLY Driving The Race Riots In America | GlennTV – BlazeTV

This update from BlazeTV/GlennTV from about 7 hours ago, 4-Jun-2020 @ 10:51 UK time

Candace makes a fair assessment of the current civil unrest in America, and what’s behind it – well done Candace.

(It was live streamed – so the link I’ve posted here starts a bit less than 6 minutes in.)

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– Source – YouTube, BlazeTV

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


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15 thoughts on “Candace Owens: This Is What’s REALLY Driving The Race Riots In America | GlennTV – BlazeTV

    1. Thanks for sharing. I’m doing OK all things considered, been suffering due to losses in my family.

      I read, and heard you. My thought – #AllLivesMatter

      1. My writing was more symbolic.. The color aspect.. Nothing to do with black lives as such, but lots with preference to white.

      2. My wife has dark skin, my preference. Her photo is on my about page, and I did cartoon of her which is on my FB page. I’m white. I don’t see a “preference to white” – what makes you think that ?

        You seem a lovely lady from the photo you have on Gravatar, you’re talented writer and photographer. Fair to say I like you (as much as I know you) – isn’t that a “preference for non-white” ?

        Anyway … as I said #AllLivesMatter.

      3. That’s you Don, most of the world prefers White. I have noticed that.. Racism is true and exits…we can’t deny. I am not Black by the way, my decent is Indian… So technically, I am Brown. 😉

      4. I never paid much attention to your skin colour (it doesn’t matter to me), I only looked up your Gravatar just now and see you’re beautiful woman (in my eyes). Anyway – I care about character most. Second would be respect. And third I guess is not being judged by others. These are some things I care about in other people.

        No one denies racism exists, left and right are equally capable of it. It’s not something that’s solved by ideology, or protest, in fact some say ideology makes it worse.

        One cure is love and kindness, and even then some people will choose to hate, and not be moved. And some people we should just stay away from, because they mean us harm.

        In the end the world isn’t perfect, we just have to do our best in our little corners of the world. Doing one’s best to love oneself the way one is, is a good start 🙂 Taking responsibility for oneself is another.

        It’s turbulent times for us all. Do your best to be strong – what other choice do we have ?

      5. I agree with your thoughts. Yeah color, race, creed, ehtinicity has never mattered to me either. Being human is all that we need to be. You are right, love and kindness is the cure. Kindness can convert someone’s dark moment with a blaze of light, they say. Thanks for you replies.
        PS, 😉Iiked the compliment. Yes, I am considered beautiful in most terms. Try my best to be beautiful inside too. 😊😊. Have a good day Don.

      6. My pleasure, just saying it as I see it.

        “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi.

        As for the beauty inside, it’s there, just gets covered up sometimes … and, none of us are perfect.

        Have a good day too 🙂

      7. PS – “That’s you Don, most of the world prefers White.” – I don’t agree, there are many people from all races, all over the world, who are good kind hearted people 🙂

        Moreover – The mainstream media message being put out is a lie, it’s driven by faulty ideology and power hunger.

      8. Debatable… It’s a matter of what one gets to experience. People of color have their stories to say. Who cares about mainstream media!

      9. Yup, and I’ve experienced hate and discrimination directed at me, from whites and people of colour. But I’m not supposed to say that because it breaks the narrative.

        Everyone has their stories to say – #AllLivesMatter. Everything is debatable, truth is often subjective …

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