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President Trump ‘Wants A Civil War’ In America – Sky News Australia

This update from Sky News Australia from about 4 hours ago, 3-Jun-2020 @ 13:40 UK time

Civil rights activist Reverend Mark Thompson says if police do not stop the “lynching of our people” the new US movement will call for the world to unify in a “divestment” campaign against America. – Source – Sky New Australia

This one stood out today – interesting to get the perspective of a black civil rights activist, who is also a Reverend, during these very turbulent times in USA.

(I’m still not feeling “well”, so probably won’t reply to comments or engage in discussion, but will do my best to approve comments that meet my comments policy as quickly as I can.)

Sky News Australia provides commentary on politics, news and current affairs, from around the globe, including US, Europe and Asia (but somewhat Australia-centric, obviously). I have found them to be one of the best mainstram media outlets, that I’ve come across so far – people still doing real journalism – recommended. If I had to take a guess of their political lean I’d say “conservative” (but I’m no expert, or journalist, so don’t take my word for it).

“Real news, honest views.
The best award-winning journalists with unique and exclusive insights. Fearless opinions from the big names who are passionate about the country we live in.”
– Source – YouTube, Sky News Australia

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


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16 thoughts on “President Trump ‘Wants A Civil War’ In America – Sky News Australia

  1. No businessman wants a war at home. Bad for business. Businessmen neither want looting or arson: equally bad for business. If the black community doesn’t manage to ventilate their anger and frustration in a peaceful way, it’s going to end badly for EVERYONE. Has ever someone given it a thought out of what segment of the population the US army is composed in majority? A opposed to most of the national guardsmen and state militia? A massive campaign for registering of black voters would really shake up things! As would a black candidate vice president (since the other nominees for both parties seem to be decided already).

    1. Fair points.

      As devils advocate, I’d say big business may not have the same considerations as small business. Many do profit from trouble at home or abroad. Probably big business will mop up all of the real estate which is likely to collapse, for example. The wealthy continue to get richer, rain or shine.

      No judgement on my part – but I think you’re thinking of this through a capitalist lens. Try looking at it through a socialist or communist lens, or a globalist/wealthy elite lens and see if that looks “good for business”.

      So, I’d say it’s going to be bad for the poor and middle class, worse if it continues and escalate, and worse if economy is not restarted, IMMEDIATELY.

      I haven’t looked into demographics in the forces in USA, so can’t intelligently answer.

      Black voters already have the right to vote, not quite sure what point you were making.

      USA already had a black president, and has plenty of representation for minorities on both sides. So an “equity” installed black vice president, I don’t really see the point, in my world it should be whoever’s most competent at the job, not skin pigmentation, that’s racist.

      However on republican side I like Candice Owens, and she’s going places.

      1. It’s no secret that a big chunk of the African Americans are not registered as voters. And I’m not talking about those prohibited from doing so.

      2. You have also those who’re stripped of their political rights after a condemnation. Even after their release of prison, they are barred from voting, sitting in a jury and holding whatever public office because society has deemed them unfit for these responsibilities. I doubt that George Floyd could ever have registered as a voter and so do many black

      3. Watch the Candice Owens video and find out what kind of a person he was, before sticking up for him. I’ve heard the same from multiple sources.

        I agree murder is wrong, but the man was no saint.

        I think it’ll be the same for white folks – voting rights are taken away from white felons, and they find it difficult to get a job after jail.

        Overall, the whole thing is race bating, for political gain, suits the democrats in an election year, especially since they haven’t managed to unseat the bad orange man by any other means, impeachment and Russiagate and so on for 4 years.

      4. I did watch this video before writing my comment. I fully understand that the guy was a druggie and habitual criminal. And sadly enough, what goes for him goes for many black people. As rightfully mentioned in the video, it still doesn’t allow a police officer to administer a dead sentence. There was probably already some bad blood between this officer and his victim since they used to work at the same club, but went from there in opposite directions. And yes, nobody believes that this protest is about Floyd and more about the upcoming elections and in this case, the black vote. Just like you have white trash, you also have also black trash. It’s just, as mentioned into the video, no community would go at war with the government about the dead of some white trash by some abusive policemen.

      5. 10-4 Urban.

        I don’t think it’s just about the black vote, I think it’s an element of civil war, which extends into Europe also. This is some of the first major violence we’ve seen, but the culture war preceded this. People are figuring out in US and Europe that they’re slowly being moved to communism, and Brexit and Trump were the initial reactions.

        And yes, how racist is that, that the white guy could get murdered by police and “nobody” care about it …

      6. Its called social entropy: a stage that precedes a system crash. There are too many issues that remain unresolved and you can only keep pushing them ahead till the next election for a couple of times. There is in the US a growing divide between what values its leaders proclaim and how they bring it into practice.

  2. I do agree with most of what the Rev. has said, though I do disagree with his assessment of both presidents. There needs to be a serious change in how police are trained and in the selection process. The current incident was clearly the officer’s problem, this hold was learned, not through police training, but something he picked up on from what other officers have done. I seriously question how he passes a psychological evaluation.

    That said, and as I remarked earlier, the violence in the protests here are not from the protestors, but from outside agitators, mostly (from the news clips I’ve seen) American anarchist groups who have done this type of thing in the past over other protests. I remember a few years back when a protest was held near here over a 10-commandments display, the protestors were peaceful until a group splintered off and started destroying school property, t-shirts on some of them displayed the anarchists logo. They were very active during the 10-commandments issues across America, and now they have latched onto this issue.

    1. What stood out to me, was a relatively moderate voice and community leader, speaking on a conservative platform.

      Personally to me, #AllLivesMatter.

      One of the sources I was listening to said that a lot US police have already been reformed across the US. Minnesota wasn’t, and the leg in the kneck and shooting suspects in the back for running away were/are still common practice there, in fact policy. It’s also a democrat run state.

      Not entirely convinced that people protesting under the banner of identity politics are doing anything good in the first place, and they’ve ignored other issues which are equally important. But as I believe in free speech, they can protest whatever they want.

      As for who’s causing the disorder, in general across the country, outside agitators are very likely involved on the ground, but sounds like peaceful protesters are getting involved. Also the media, and celebrities, and corporations now, are stoking the flames and active participants, so they are are also agitating.

      Cynically speaking I’d say this has been a long time in the making, and the “civil war” started a long time ago – if I was being even more cynical then I’d say that it’s premeditated, totalitarian divide and rule via tribalism via identity politics, by higher ups.

      Sometimes these things just fizzle out, or could be the start of more and more escalation – I have no crystal ball, so I don’t know.

  3. According to your recommendation about comments, I asked my therapist to write something about Trump mental health. God bless America!

  4. They must be blind. This has NOTHING to do with race. It’s a couple of terrorists grous that started under Obama. Not one of them cares how they’re exploiting a man’s death. They’re just “NOT LETTING A CRISIS GO TO WASTE.” It’s the Democrats playbook. And being a ‘reverend’ is meaningless. Too many never open a Bible today much less read it. If he really cared about Blacks being killed look into Chicago. Blacks kill Blacks in the hundreds regularly. Not one liberal Black person cares. NOT ONE!

    1. I’m hearing similar. I think the point of interviewing a leader, ie a Reverend, is to get a moderate considered perspective.

      Hope you are well.



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