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Armed Leftists Shoot At Conservative Journalists House, Nat Guard And Police Shoot And Kill Rioter – Tim Pool

These updates from Tim Pool from about 3 hours ago, and 1 hour ago respectively, 1-Jun-2020 @ 19:00 UK time

I don’t live in USA (nor am I a citizen), so I am literally just passing this on, as MSM isn’t reporting on this accurately. The situation seems to be escalating, (moving from city centres to suburbs for example) so if you’re in one of the affected areas, you might wish to take some precautions.

RIP George Floyd – that shouldn’t have happened – period.

I’ve been following developments and – My understanding from the sources I listen to, is, that the initial indecent, plus socioeconomic effects of the pandemic, are being used to justify rioting, looting, violence, vandalism and killings, under the guise of “protest” (others are of course protesting peacefully and legitimately). Some of the people involved don’t care which “side” you’re on, so don’t think being on one side or the other will protect you, it won’t (see second video).

Hopefully, Tim’s prediction of civil war won’t come true, and authorities will deal with this, before the situation gets much worse, or more people die. And god only knows what effect this will have on the spread of the virus.

I’m also concerned about this spreading to other countries, which is already happening (UK, Brazil and Germany, I heard of so far), just not at the same level and scale as USA, yet.

Overall some worrying developments. Mostly trying to get the word out there – this is a serious situation, that could escalate real fast – you still may have time to prepare.

I’m still not feeling “well”, so probably won’t reply to comments or engage in discussion, but will do my best to approve comments that meet my comments policy as quickly as I can.

Armed Leftists Shoot At Conservative Journalists House, Nat Guard And Police Shoot And Kill Rioter

Leftist Journalist SHOCKED That the Rioters Destroyed Her Office, Journalists Are NOT Special

Tim pool provides commentary on politics and current affairs, mostly from USA. His channel was a bit difficult to find, as I think he may be shadow banned on YouTube – another “wrong thinker”, in the eyes of his globalist overlords – Google. If I had to take a guess of his political lean I’d say center-left (but I’m no expert, or journalist, or know him personally, so don’t take my word for it). 

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


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19 thoughts on “Armed Leftists Shoot At Conservative Journalists House, Nat Guard And Police Shoot And Kill Rioter – Tim Pool

  1. You can make this very simple: hold the organizers of a protest legally responsible for the actions of the demonstrators. Make them organize their own internal security to fend off malevolent infiltrators and to hand them over to the police.

    1. I think you’re missing the nuances of mob mentality, and domestic “terrorism” – they are more sophisticated than that.

      Also, I don’t think that’ll happen, as I don’t think these protests are “officially” organised. And if you did do that, then the protests would just become unorganised.

      As for organising their own security, unlikely to happen.

      1. According to Candance Owens video I just posted, it’s organised, just at a higher level, for a higher purpose, ie democrats “win by any means possible” and George Soros. Good luck holding anybody accountable in those arenas.

        As for organised vs unorganised, what do you think the difference is ?

  2. Thanks for posting these videos. I live in America but fortunately, for now, am not in an area hugely affected by the riots. The MSM here is absolutely not presenting the full picture. They are in fact the main reason why we are in this mess to being with, always promoting the “systemic racism” myth, glorifying victimhood and working people up in to a frenzy. They seem genuinely surprised that this has all gone south which is weird.

    There was near unanimous agreement that what the cop did to George Floyd was wrong. He’s been arrested and will most certainly face a lengthy jail time. That is our system in this country.

    1. My pleasure Tricia. I saw a lot of bad stuff yesterday and today on sources that I follow, and felt it best to warn people, as I know the MSM isn’t reporting what’s actually going on.

      *Totally* agree with what you said, and glad you can see the truth. The media has fanned the flames, and are continuing to do so. The politics and culture is somewhat complicated, and probably you know US better than I anyway.

      I would suggest following Tim Pool’s channels :




      He puts regular content out, which I found him to be down to earth, straightforward guy. He worked as a journalist for various outlets before starting his youtube channel.

      I still hope his “civil war” theory doesn’t come true, but it is a possibility – best to be pre-warned.

      Personally I’m not a great fan of the Police, but they are necessary for peaceful society, and what happened to George Floyd was wrong. It was basically a murder in broad daylight, and the other officers should be punished as well, as their inaction basically makes them accomplices.

      1. Thanks, I’lll be sure to check out Tim Pool. It’s tough to find sober, unbiased sources these days.

        I’m generally pro law enforcement but there are big problems with corruption and a “protecting the herd” mentality that breeds bad cops and brutality like what happened to George Floyd and others. Most officers are good people but the few bad apples are getting worse The police unions play a big role in this and reform is drastically needed.

        I try to explain to my liberal friends that stuff like this just gets worse the larger the power of the state grows but they never seem to get it

      2. No worries, all good 🙂 I spent quite a long time digging and digging through shadow bans etc to find the sources I have, because of Brexit and needing to get to the bottom of the politics of it.

        There’s good and bad people everywhere, just how it is – Police are no exception. I had some personal bad experiences, and less good experiences.

        I think you have to speak the truth, regardless of whether others agree or not, but some people aren’t worth one’s time, and some people don’t need to know what one thinks.

        Socialists/globalists like big government, big business and Oligarchs/wealthy elites, in aim of the utopia. Sadly, it sometimes works for a while, then some asshole comes along and spoils it, as someone once put it to me. Communism ends up as the result, in all places it’s been tried, and mass deaths and suffering for most of the rest.

        For US news and current affairs you might want to check out Dr Steve Turley :


        He has a free download, pdf with quite a long list of news sources. I took myself off the mailing list, because I didn’t want the updates. (I get them via Youtube anyway).

        I also find Sky News Australia (they report on US as well) pretty good :


        Fox are the only MSM I look at in any detail in US (and with any seriousness), and they are definitely bias, so I do take them with a pinch of salt.

        As for the situation you guys have in US, if you need to make preparations, then I’d do it now. It seems like it could go either way, and either escalate or deescalate fast, so better to be prepared. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.



  3. We were hit over the weekend, a peaceful protest turned violent. But, local authorities say the violence was started, not by the protesters, by self-proclaimed anarchists. Several people spotted initiating violent acts were wearing symbols of a national anarchists group, and protestors tried to stop the violence.

    1. I don’t know the exact circumstances in your area TMT, there seems to be organisation and agitators though, so quite possible domestic criminals or terrorists where involved.

      I reviewed quite a lot of material, from across US and unclear to me that there’s such a clear line – as generally speaking “the left” via MSM and twitter have been supporting, bating and championing it – I see a clearer line there.

      Overall we should all be critical of riots, all of us who want to live life peacefully, that is. Our societies and civilisations were built on cooperation and peace, not crime and terror.

      This was predictable, I warned of this kind of thing at least a month ago, and is one of the reasons why I stopped posting about the pandemic, because this was an obvious outcome of extended lockdowns, and the socioeconomic chaos caused.

      I only put this out yesterday because I thought people ought to know what’s not being told in MSM – a serious situation, that has the possibility of turning into something really nasty.

      1. Well, with CV19 dying down, the MSM needed something else to make themselves relevant. There is a fine line between reporting the news and promoting it, a line that they cross all too frequently under the wide protection of the “freedom of the press” laws.

    2. I heard Trump has army on standby, and antifar (who have cells outside US) are to be declared terrists.

      PS keep an eye on the China situation, that seems to be escalating too. All of the “five eyes” except NZ have come out against China’s move on Hong Kong, and China seem to be starting trade wars with Australia and some European countries (and US I think over farm equipment) – because they asked for an independent investigation into pandemic origins (which they’ve flatly refused to cooperate with). China have become very powerful (when I looked into it, with assets globally), and are throwing their weight around. Winnie the pooh has made himself premier for life. Amongst other things like the Muslim reeducation camps and other racism against minorities.

  4. A rather onesided post, really! Moreover, here in Germany there is no situation like in the USA, so do not expect similar things here. Actually most protests with us are by right-winged people against the necessary COVID19-restrictions although daily life is easing and improving day by day.

      1. Because you only indicate that left people are doing ugly things starting with the headline. What about journalists being attacked by police several times? Etc. pp.

      2. Not my headline, it’s Tim Pool’s. I’m not a journalist, either, that’s indicated in my post twice. Nor do I claim to be unbiased. Nor do you seem to be unbiased, either. So why attempt to hold me to a standard you don’t maintain yourself, seems rather a double standard.

        What you’ve parroted to me, is what’s being parroted out of the MSM, who I already said are inaccurately reporting, right at the top of the post.

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