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“I Won’t Be Silenced” – Modern Day Slaves Being Smuggled Into UK During Pandemic – Nigel Farage “Cautioned” By Police

I’ve enjoyed listening/watching Nigel Farage on LBC on YouTube, in pursuit of my studies of politics and current affairs. Since the lockdown in UK, he’s popped up with his own YouTube channel.

Illegal economic migration immigration into the UK was said to be a key issue, which swayed UK voters to vote leave at the Brexit referendum in 2016. Aside from displacing UK workers from their jobs, driving down wages, the countries the illegal immigrants are leaving are being robbed of their own citizens and workforce – making things worse for those left behind.

We also currently have a deadly virus, where we don’t want random people arriving and potentially bringing infection with them. That was the whole point of the lockdown and closing borders.

As I understand it, the UK Police visited Nigel at his home, to speak to/caution him about leaving his house to report on illegal economic migrants being smuggled into the UK, by criminal gangs (who charge around 5000 euros per head) to become basically modern day slaves in the UK.

The UK Police used the guise of “non-essential travel” or some other kind of bullshit, but was obviously politically motivated, another major issue being covered up or swept under the carpet by the UK establishment. It’s unprecedented for the Police to visit a respectable politician’s home, with trumped up bullshit – utterly outrageous.

Here’s Nigel’s videos, in reverse chronological order (ie latest first)

Nigel says – “I won’t be silenced”

And – “The police knocked on my door because I filmed this video.”

And the first video which prompted the Police visit – “The truth about illegal migrants is even worse than we thought.”

Nigel Farage is a British politician, leader of The Brexit Party, broadcaster and political analyst.

Farage began his career in 1982 as a commodities trader at the London Metal Exchange and ran his own metals brokerage firm after working at Credit Lyonnais Rouse and Drexel Burnham Lambert. He left a successful career to go into politics after the Conservative party signed the Maastricht Treaty, which advocated “ever closer union” between European nations.

In June 2016, Farage was a leading figure in the campaign to leave the EU. This gained him the name “Mr Brexit” by the then candidate to the US presidency Donald J Trump whom he came to support at a Mississippi rally in 2016. Nigel Farage was one of the very few that predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential elections.

He has provided political analysis for Fox News channel and is the host of LBC’s The Nigel Farage Show.

Source – YouTube – Nigel Farage’s channel

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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