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COVID-19 Plague – The Lockdown Vs Open-Up Paradox


I stopped blogging about the virus because I felt I’d served my purpose in trying to warn people about the possibility of a coming pandemic since back in January, and had been blogging more than 90 days straight by that point 21-Apr-2020 :

Merry Impeachmas, Democrat, Nancy Pelowski, DON CHARISMADuring this precious time we had to stop the spread of the virus out of China – the Marxist legacy mainstream media in USA were busy with “Merry impeachmas” and then the Schiff-sham-show that followed. I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, not even a US Citizen, so I really don’t care what bullshit you guys get up to – more I follow “the puppet show”, as if watching a thinker’s soap opera, and a student of world politics. Sometimes I add my two cents, sometimes I just post videos made by people who say it better than me, and that’s their “job”.

Overall I think people should stand behind their elected president, especially during this time, however much he’s a potty mouth or ‘ist or ‘phobe. You morons elected him, so put up and shut up. The same goes for UK, with Johnson. These leaders may just save your life or the lives of your loved ones, and our livelihoods, and our economies. Wishing for another “better” leader isn’t going to achieve anything – Neither is spitting vitriol.

To be honest – I’m more worried about people outside the west, where people are genuinely oppressed and poor – So for the rest of the world, there are different regimes in place, so harder to say. Many SE Asian countries are Nationalists, and Thailand for instance has a “democratic” regime, which fishyily enough is headed by the military guy who did the coup de ta back in 2014, kinda bit too convenient is you ask me, but then I know very little of Thai politics, still a newbie in that arena.

When I stopped posting videos and information, was about the time I realised that this wasn’t going away, aka pandemic, aka endemic – and have tried to concentrate my efforts on not worrying about it so much, and accepting I may end up a fatality, along with my loved ones, and possible/probable bankruptcy, if I survive. Whilst at the same time trying to blog about other things. Partly to distract myself and partly to help other’s distract themselves. I also regularly chat to people on facetime and on the blog, try help where I’m able.

Xena, Wikip.fair.use, DON CHARISMAI have elderly relatives with co-morbidities (existing health issues). It was Xena a fellow blogger and friend who inspired me to write this – She’s well worth a visit, she writes like I describe in “There’s Writers And Then There’s Writers” (she’s mastered “the matrix” I think), you know easy to read, skilled, thoughtful and actually something I never mentioned in that post – non-partisan (I know I break my own rules, “How dare I” – but, someone once said – you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs)

The Paradox – Between A Rock And A Hard Place

I fear the preamble may be longer than the actually meat of the the writing. But it is was it is.

We are faced with a dilemma – “Open up the world’s economies, or continue with an extended lockdown“, or any version in between.


If we continue to lock down, then there are a number of problems FOR EVERYONE. People can’t feed themselves and their loved ones being pretty much the bottom line. Whilst I don’t like to quote socialists or communists (because I am not one), they still often have very valid viewpoints (Lenin was the better of the two – Lenin vs Stalin I think) :

‘Every society is three meals away from chaos’

– Vladimir Lenin

Chaos can easily be extrapolated to suicide, starvation, violence, rape, murder, civil unrest and eventually civil wars, then onto world wars. This is already occurring, as the “milder” end of the spectrum, as if any of this was “mild”

We also have the money printing and other shenanigans that *ALL* of the central banks are up to. Most of you are blissfully unaware of this alarming part of the equation – But, I’ve seen the graph for money printing IT GOES VIRTUALLY STRAIGHT UP IN MASSIVE AMOUNTS, TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, almost directly vertically, with no sign of stopping any time soon. How long can that go on for, I don’t know and will that in itself cause a “great” worldwide depression?

I also heard yesterday that WW2 was a consequence of a depression in Germany. Someone came along with a solution to Germany’s depression, one Adolf Hitler, and the rest is history. So all of you left leaners that like to spit vitriol at others from your ivory towers, might want to bear this in mind. No one wants fascists taking over, the same as most of us don’t want communism. Despots running things is NOT F’ING GOOD, it’s more more starvation, rape and murder – left or right doesn’t make any difference – forget snowflaky “oppression” over BS and think REAL LIFE survival and REAL LIFE struggle.

That’s the negatives, some possible places we could be headed, soon, very soon now.

The positive side is that we may be protecting those who are our most vulnerable people – you know grandma and grandpa for instance, the sick, the disabled etc. Within that no one knows for a fact that lockdown has made any difference, we’ll only ever know this in hindsight.

graffiti,art,color,painting,artistic,paradox,creative,nowhere,DON CHARISMA

Opening Up

It’s still not entirely certain, but the virus could rip through the population “like a virus” (pun intended) killing 10s maybe even 100s of millions of people. Our most vulnerable people may be put at higher risk.

It’s by no means certain, but it’s a possibility that can’t be ruled out. I’ve heard suggestion of percentage of naturally immune people, and large portions of the population already having acquired “heard immunity”. True or not true, I don’t know.

That’s the negatives, pretty simple.

The positive side is people get to go back to work, are able to feed themselves and their loved ones, and do their best to support our most at risk and vulnerable people (provided their jobs still exist, or they can find work). Some people may be able to rescue their businesses, and livelihoods, who aren’t employees. Global economy restarted, might still recover.

Plus, we may get to avoid Lenin’s prediction, and all of the there-afters in avoiding a complete world meltdown – which I described in detail above.


Lockdown quite possibly could cause the biggest global meltdown in human history, a cure worse than the disease. Opening things back up has the potential risk of the biggest loss of human life we’ve ever experienced. So hence a paradox.

My hope is that rational, clever people will find a solution, that resolves this paradox. They probably won’t be communists or communist controlled organisations, more likely people like Trump and Johnson in USA and UK. Sorry I don’t know the answer for other countries.

As an aside – please someone fire all those Marxist wankers in the mainstream media, and get us some real journalists – or we’ll do it ourselves. As for the tech giants who are up to the same thing – do you remember Commodore or IBM ? Well I do, they used to dominate, but they F’ed it up, Commodore doesn’t exist anymore and IBM is a shadow of it’s former self – the same could happen to you – so I’d suggest you start listening to what the majority of people want, rather than an extremist minority, or we’ll “next” you as well. Sorry, rant/aside over.

My lean is towards opening things back up, with caution, but urgently now. Human life is precious, but in balance we need to be able to feed ourselves, and our loved ones – and have a future – And feed the elderly, sick, infirm etc – we can’t care for our most vulnerable if we’re “just surviving” or worse ourselves.

Thanks again to Xena – Sorry, I know it’s a cliche, but you truly are a “warrior princess” 🙂

God speed to you all.

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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8 thoughts on “COVID-19 Plague – The Lockdown Vs Open-Up Paradox

  1. Don, I am humbly honored by your post and giving me credit for your inspiration. I don’t feel that I earn it because I was simply speaking from experience in the comment on your previous post.

    This: “Trouble is I can see both sides of the discussion clearly, and it’s a real dilemma for those making the high level decisions – Especially with the hyperpartisanship we currently endure.”

    Indeed. Truthfully, I don’t want the government thinking of my life, (or anyone else for that matter), as being a sacrifice for others. I have and can make sacrifices to help others that does not include death.

    Essential workers have not stayed home. They work. Yes, that’s a paradox as well. Think of all the people in nursing homes who could not leave, and yet the virus ran rampant and took the lives of many in those places.

    In my neck of the woods, once we open up, I don’t see many businesses being able to get on their feet. It’s not because of lost revenue during the lockdown but rather, people don’t have money to spend on things that are not necessities. It might take months of paychecks before they venture out to buy a new pair of shoes, or go out to a dine-in restaurant.

    People are afraid. They are concerned. They are anxious. Many physicians say the way to safely open up is to first test. Yet, tests are reserved for those with symptoms. If our federal government here in the U.S. conducted that, people would be more calm and confident with going back to work.

    1. Hi Xena, it’s my pleasure. I think that’s enough for me where someone just wants to add to the conversation, through interaction I gain a sense of who the other is – the sense I got from you was, to wilfully misquote Churchill “All of the qualities I admire, and none of the vices I dislike” or something like that. So the praise is earned and the respect is due.

      I think people stayed at home not just to protect the vulnerable, but also in caution of an unknown virus – so more than one reason. Plus they’ve accepted in a lot of places in the world, that that was the right thing to do given the circumstances – buy time for our clever people to figure out what’s going on, find solutions and perhaps loss of life would be reduced.

      I heard about the care homes which saddened me. There are many other things in this which are heartbreaking.

      In SE Asia, many many people have small/micro businesses which often rely on tourism (others live hand to mouth working for small businesses) – with no tourists, they’ve lost what little they did have, and exactly the same as you said, tourist are not going to be spending wildly, for some time. So, it’s “the same boat” globally, (same but different, if that makes sense) we’re all affected.

      Every cog in the wheel that is our existence is reliant on other people, from cradle to grave – so like my friend Shelly said in her guest blog, we either cooperate, or we’re sunk (paraphrasing) –

      As for the testing – I hear ya – In SE Asia tests aren’t free, they cost about whole a month’s salary for average “minimum wage” worker, and governments here have been slow to respond giving any financial support (and even that’s a pittance), plus blindly follow what other countries are doing lockdown wise. There’s already civil unrest and reports of suicides.

      So, I think we have to cooperate on getting the world’s economy rebooted – which is very urgent now – and have the courage to do it anyway, in-spite of our fears, and in-spite of hyperpartisanship and people who’re living in “oppressed” 1st world fantasy land, and in-spite of leaders may not being the ones we wanted.

      “We, and all others who believe as deeply as we do, would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      Sorry my history isn’t all that great, but the “rather die on our feet than live on our knees” bit always stuck in my mind, as a call to courage – courage I’ve seen in so many places I’ve visited, in so many normal ordinary folk’s eyes and in their actions and deeds.

      1. We received a report at our local briefing that tests were sent to a private company who some how lost 2100 tests!

        My heart aches for anyone who thinks that suicide is an answer. I remember reading once that people who take their own life are crying out for help.

        Well, the leader we got for the U.S. is not the one I wanted, but neither was the contender that I voted for anyway. I was still open hoping for the best, but became disappointed with the first illogical misrepresentation.

        Courage takes many forms. I learned that when going through chemo. There were 3 times after treatment that I wanted to give-up. Then I remembered that others before me went through it and lived.

        The world has had epidemics and pandemics previously, and mankind still survived. There is hope.

      2. I heard reports from other people of medical supplies “going missing” – I can’t explain these things, or comprehend why. My mind goes straight to corruption, but I don’t know the facts.

        People are and will get that desperate, especially those in poorer countries where there’s no help. It’s as simple as Lenin put it really.

        I been through my own rough patches too in life, financially and existentially – I think sometimes friends and family (ie external support) can help, but in the end one has to find the courage to carry on on one’s own, inside oneself (as you did).

        I watched a video someone had put together (2 or 4 hours I can’t remember) of the Trump Vs Clinton saga. Overall it seemed Clinton lost rather than Trump won. The “basket of deplorables” speech was one of the most memorable. The levels of corruption I heard of – unbelievable. And the abandoning of the poor and working class by out of touch elites – well, all I can say is, we have the same thing in the UK. Boris won by the biggest majority in 85 years – which kinda tells of the public sentiment that went into that election.

        And damn straight courage takes many forms, even the most shy and retiring people, can have the courage of a lion or lioness, given the “right” circumstances.

        We will survive. There’s a lot more hope and “closer to the truth” outside the MSM, that’s why I’m somewhat unplugged.

        As for hope itself, it’s an antidote to despair, courage is it’s friend.

  2. Very well said, as usual. My preference is to open it up and let nature and science take their course. From what I’ve read, this will resurge in the fall/winter anyway, and we can’t continue lockdown until a vaccine is widely available (hell, it will probably mutate by then anyway), and with the lack of herd immunity it will hit hard.

    We should have let it run its course from the beginning, like with every new version of the flu we’ve ever encountered. There are always new versions coming along (SARS, Avian, swine, Spanish, to name a few) and we’ve survived them all without lockdown. As a species we’ve become too afraid of things that come along naturally (wipe down every counter with sanitizers so only the strongest 0.01% of the germs survive and reproduce).

    1. Thanks TMT, you were the one who encouraged me to start writing again – I’m not a natural writer or reader, I guess having a science education and all those dry textbooks, kinda put me off. But Keith Johnstone revived my creative mind, I’ll try and put some of his quotes out when I get time 🙂

      Yes, I think you’re right, this isn’t going away, and likely will hit us again when it’s cold (UV and sunlight are said to help).

      There was also MERS, the one from Camels ?

      Mother nature can be cruel, it’s just a fact of life. But within that most would want to protect the vulnerable – it’s what most consider a real virtue. So, it’s a dilemma, ethically and morally for all of us.

      Off topic, I’ve scheduled some more bread recipes for Wed/Sat, slowly publishing what I have written down. Thanks for being my co-baker 🙂

    1. True for some.

      But I have elderly family (and friends) with co-morbities, so they’re not so much cowering as being protected by us not spreading it around. That is, if it’s as big a health risk as we’ve been told.

      Trouble is I can see both sides of the discussion clearly, and it’s a real dilemma for those making the high level decisions – Especially with the hyperpartisanship we currently endure.

      Hopefully they’ll be better choices than were made in the past with this pandemic, that’s what’s in my prayers 🙂

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