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This ER Doctor Just NUKED Fauci’s Pandemic Fraud Straight to Hell


I’m sharing because I’m interested in counter to “the agreed narrative” – that is looking at both sides of the story, to reach my own balanced reasoned conclusion – thinking for myself, which requires absorbing free speech, not just the Marxist mainstream media.

I would like to know who the doctor in the video is, and if there’s a video of his full speech. Please let me know in the comments if you know.

I have also included the BitChute link below, as YouTube have a habit of deleting dissident voices (as per my previous post by Tim Pool)

Update (Thanks Xena – see comments below) – YouTube in their divine totalitarian wisdom took the Doctor’s video down after 5M views, but original video can be found here :

Plus Xena has provided some additonal sources.

Update 2 I also found this Dave Rubin / Tucker Carlson video discussing the Doctor’s video having been taken down by the YouTube totalitarianists :

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


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12 thoughts on “This ER Doctor Just NUKED Fauci’s Pandemic Fraud Straight to Hell

  1. I don’t know if we will ever know the truth, but these policies are close to destroying this country. I began to doubt him about halfway through. He has close ties to the Wuhan laboratory from which this virus escaped. We are still getting the prediction that there will be thousands more deaths in the US, and I’m finding that hard to believe. You have a 0.001% chance of dying from Covid in Orange Country North Carolina.

    1. Completely, unlikely we’ll ever know the full truth. Possibly sometime in the future, in hindsight.

      I honestly don’t know, there’s so much conflicting information. But my gut feeling is, probably it won’t be as bad as mainstream media is making out.

      If numbers being reported on the stats pages are any kind of true, then there will be more deaths from covid.

      In response to Xena commenting on this post, I wrote this today –

      I’m only doing opinion/creative writing on the topic now – the backlash for saying the wrong thing, is more than I’m interested in – I don’t need to be absorbing other people’s negative emotions, and there’s a lot of those around right now !

      Hope you and loved ones are safe,

      Speak soon


  2. Se não sabes se é verdade, não deverias publicar. Porque se for mentira, t estarás publicando mentiras. Deverias se envergonhar…

    1. A propósito – eu não publiquei o vídeo – era um YouTuber, então sugira que você comente lá se tiver alguma objeção

      By the way – I didn’t publish the video – it was a YouTuber, so suggest you comment there if you have an objection

  3. I saw an interesting clip from a video on which Dr. Fauchi “predicted” in 2017 a surprise pandemic from a new virus that would happen during President Trump’s administration between then and 2020. Does that sound like simply being prepared, or might this have been planned? Here is the video where he made the statement. It’s around the 3-4 minute mark.

    1. Thanks for sharing.

      I think I could spin that either way :
      1. It was a conference on pandemic preparedness, and he was making predictions in order to get people to take him seriously, probably funding based.
      2. He already in 2017 knew of a plot to release a virus in 2019/2020, for exact reasons we don’t know.

      My opinion, for what it’s worth – probably 1. is more plausible, given the context. BUT …

      As with things like Kennedy, we’ll probably never know “the truth”.

      One of my favourite movie quotes is “some stories are just too true to tell” –

      Kill The Messenger (2014)

  4. I’ve always questioned those who bring up about flu deaths in comparison to the number of deceased from Covid-19. They have yet to say if those figures of flu deaths accumulated in two months.

    Looks like the full video is here:

    A rebuttal, that claims these are not ER doctors but Urgent Care doctors, is found here:;pid=767682;d=this

    A local paper to where the doctors are published an article that among other things, shows how the doctors came upon incorrect comparisons.

    1. So I had a quick look around, at links (sorry you’re probably more knowledgeable than me) – I didn’t know about – so “muchos gracias” for that. seems relatively unbias – and seemed to be reasonable commentary. I looked up the political lean, and Bakersfield area is said to be somewhere in the middle, centrist, with a very tiny bias to conservative, with California as a whole, far-left/alt-left. seemed to be an “athletics site”, so interesting they have political commentary on there, but that’s where we are with politics these days, especially with censorship everywhere. I see no name or credentials on the piece, but the author speaks as is they are an expert. Political lean of the opinions seems to be left bias. Point one was an attempt at smear that was pretty transparent, and double standard – considering the writer benefits financially themselves from the same industry, through their own admission.

      As for comparing flu vs covid – they are both airborne viruses, and people are familiar with the flu. So for those who aren’t experts in virology (like most people), kinda makes sense, to compare something known with something unknown. Flu has been around all our lives, and kills a lot of people with co-morbidities every year. And, yeah, no that doesn’t happen in two months (because Covid is new), it happens every year, for as long back as we can remember.

      The broader point here, which get’s missed in all the discussion, is that there’s now 30-50 million unemployed people in USA. I’ve heard reports of suicides in USA and other countries, and civil unrest. How much longer before civil unrest turns violent, and people’s lives are lost through this, suicide, murder and possible wars ? Based on totalitarian measures that people have honoured nobly to try to protect our most vulnerable, but can’t do it indefinitely – a stalled economy means many more dead people, maybe more than the actual disease itself. And a depression in Germany was said to be the cause of WW2 I just heard today.

      So, I’m kinda leaning with the open-uppers for now, but we’ll have to see how that goes. Obviously we don’t want millions of people dying of the disease, but neither do we want millions of people dying of suicide, starvation, murder, civil unrest and war. So rock and a hard place.

      1. I agree with your assessment of the source links. Regarding opening states, I have great concern for those off work. People need paychecks so they can eat and have a roof over their heads. There’s another reality, however.

        I know people who are essential workers. My son is one. The anxiety level of some of those workers is through the roof. Absenteeism is high, which means employees who do come to work are kept longer.

        Our state has a face covering rule, but people come into what is a healthcare related business without face coverings, and want to argue about it.

        At one place, an employee tested positive for Covid-19. The employer will not reveal the name of the person due to health privacy law, so other employees don’t know if they came into contact with that person or not.

        Tests are only given to people with symptoms. The employer is not testing employees, 2 of whom are pregnant.

        My son has been home since my cancer diagnosis in Sept. 2018. I’ve not been out of treatment for a full year yet, and along with my age, I am considered high risk. Other essential employees have families at home, some high risk, who they are concerned about if they have been infected.

        In other words, depression, anxiety, and even anger, is not limited to those not working because of the virus.

        Starvation? The way things are going I suspect there will be worldwide famine by November anyway.

      2. Thanks Xena for filling in your side of the story and what’s going locally. You and your son are the people the rest of us have been trying to protect.

        A lot of my relatives are elderly and therefore in the potentially at risk category too.

        The links were useful, and helpful regardless of what my opinions are 🙂

        I started wearing masks when people would tell me – “that won’t protect you”, ie back in January, and didn’t care about what other people thought – for me – it’s better than nothing (for me and others). Some dislike wearing them via “social pressure” I guess.

        And yes totally see both sides of the equation. And good to have it spelled out rationally and honestly.

        In poorer countries famine isn’t November, more like June/July, sooner in some places, without reopening the global economies.

        I’m certainly not a globalist, but what I mean is global trade has taken place for centuries, and it’s part of what makes the world go round for human beings.

        And financially sources I look at are very concerned with money printing by central banks right across the west. So famine could be a thing earlier in western countries too.

        I somewhat stepped away from blogging about covid, partly because I was getting the brunt end of commenter’s frustrations and had served my original purpose of getting the word out, to warn people, whilst MSM where still wishing each other “Happy impeachmas” etc.

        Styx’s channel was the first I found who was warning of a pandemic, and he was also the first to be saying we need to get things re-opened – and no I don’t think he’s infallible, just I trust him more than the dying/corrupt legacy media.

        So, I’m still with the open-uppers, because they need to feed themselves, their families, and have the stability in which to help support our vulnerable people.

        I’m not making any predictions, because usually I end up being wrong – but I do hope that this global problem we have, isn’t the end of us.

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