Personalizing COVID-19 (via “Right Ring”)

Long time follower of my blog – “Bullright” of “Right Ring” blog reached out to share his latest writing on COVID19 on my “Share yourself here” page.

In his own words – “Politics, news, with some satire and humor for sanity sake.”

So, I’m proud to present yet another diverse voice, with an excellent opinion piece about a topic that’s on everyone’s mind right now.



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Right Ring

If there were ever a virus that could lend itself to personalization, then it would be COVID-19. Normally a virus is a virus, a disease a disease, as the plague was the plague. But in this one there seemed to be differences. I only say seemed; it might be debatable.

Maybe that is because we know more about it now and because of the public awareness of the virus itself, whatever the reason. Like hurricanes and storms can be personalized in a similar way because people feel personally threatened or affected by them. This time it is even more than that. And it seemed to grow more personal.

(pic credit:

It became a personal thing to many people by also affecting them in a personal way. Their job, occupation, family, businesses were all collateral damages. Even religious practices and schools were not immune. Their way of life…

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