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EU Could Collapse, Warns Emmanuel Macron – (Jeff Taylor)

Thanks to Seax for inadvertently encouraging me to post this – The EU in SERIOUS financial difficulties, whilst continuing to play hardball on Brexit negotiations – UK’s response – No, No, No.

This update from Jeff Taylor from about 4 hours ago @ 25-Apr-2020 18:15 UK time.

I came across Jeff Taylor’s channel whilst researching Brexit, looking for non-Marxist mainstream sources. Jeff provides news updates on (mostly UK but including Europe, US and global) current affairs and politics. I’ve found him well spoken, his previous work informative and accurate, and someone who cares about reporting factually, you know, real journalism. If I had to guess on his political lean, I’d say centrist/center-right (but I’m no expert, or journalist, or know him personally, so don’t take my word for it.)

Macron has warned that the Invisible Enemy could cause the EU to fail.


And what was the UK’s response yesterday to the second round of the Brexit trade talks?


According to the French President, Emmanuel Macron, unless the wealthier Northern states dip into their pockets and give it to the southern states that have been hit the hardest by the Invisible Enemy, then there won’t be a single market left for them to profit from anymore.


As you will know, at the moment the only financial aid available to the likes of Italy and Spain are loans mainly from the European Stability Mechanism that have to be repaid by the countries that borrow the money.


That’s just more loans on already overly stretched economies inside the eurozone, that is now itself expected to contract by 15% this year. And as far as Italy is concerned this line of credit just a pointless offer that will not help them.


And now the French President has stepped in saying that these loans will not resolve the underlying issues and that if a part of ‘Europe’ is allowed to fail, then the whole of ‘Europe’ will fall.


As far as he’s concerned, without mutualising the cost of protecting the likes of Italy across the bloc, then ‘Our Europe’, as he puts it, has no future.


– Source – Jeff Taylor (YouTube)

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


Don Charisma

Disclaimer – I AM JUST PASSING THIS ON (as fakestream media continues to lie, omit, cover up and spin an extreme minority narrative) – When opinions are stated anywhere on this blog they are just opinions, not facts, truths or endorsements. I am not a journalist or an activist and TBH most of the time not a “serious” writer either, more I enjoy creative writing (blogging is supposed to be fun?). I’m a centrist, I read and view content from both sides of the aisle (as long as it’s not blatant propaganda, or utter trash) – so I’m sharing this for your information, something you may not be aware of and may be interested in (or not, in which case, just go to the next post). As with any news, article, post, writing or report, don’t just take it at face value, do your own research, use your own critical thinking. Kind of obvious really, but best stated, so that it’s clear.

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8 thoughts on “EU Could Collapse, Warns Emmanuel Macron – (Jeff Taylor)

    1. Yup, from the reports I’ve heard, the EU are close to collapse already, just a matter of time.

      I feel sorry for our European neighbors, as it will affect them, at a time when many are struggling, but the EU itself, not so much.

      1. England was the beginning. I think the countries will be stronger with control of their own currency and their own destiny, but its going to be painful at the start.

        I also wonder if the break ups will go to other regions or if other areas of the world will start separating, or even countries like Spain and Catalonia.

      2. I think they just need one more major country (like France or Italy) to leave, and the whole project will unravel. The UK so far isn’t being bullied by EU in current negotiations, and if the unelected EU leaders can’t bully UK, then they can’t bully France, Italy, etc. The Hungrarians already started standing up to them then, and they’re a smaller member.

        I don’t know enough about the economics of the other member states, to know if it will be painful for them. For the net contributors (like UK) it may be a boost.

        As for Spain, my Spanish friend filled me in on what a mess they have over there politically :

        So hard to say what will happen to Spain.

        Also, the pandemic will obviously have an effect, so far I heard the EU announced an aid package available in 2021 (and made a complete mess of helping Italy). So, not many in Europe were impressed with that (especially Italians).

        Still it’s all speculation, none of us know the future.

      3. That’s a fairly universal truth, cycles are just part of life.

        Perhaps that’s just the natural order of things to right itself. Bit like mother Earth repairs itself from say oil tanker spill, or oil rig explosion. Or London’ s real estate now as compared to after the great fire.

        Or Roman empire, which didn’t repair itself, I know little of history in this arena though.

        I’ve studied a bit about contemporary politics and culture, my guess is that is the (or a) root cause of “The Strange Death Of Europe”, as commented by LGBT community’s Douglas Murray.

        The pandemic may be a catalyst for this type of change, along with things like UK grooming gangs still rife across our country, and other parts of Europe, for which there does seem to be a complicity amongst most in silence, and therefore a complicity in covering up mass crimes.

        The same kind of complicity under any totalitarian or fascist regimes.

        So, it’s maybe change that we need, just the same as the change we needed to be free from Hitler’s despotism and mass crimes.

        But then I’m no expert in any of this, in our “World of illusions”, I’m more a creative writer, with intermittent rational thinking in between, sometimes I get it right, sometimes I do not.

  1. Let’s hope so!! This has shown what an impractical idea EU federalism is. Each country’s government has done what it feels is best in order to protect its own people – and quite rightly so. And it’s shown that, when the chips are down, the EU won’t lift a finger to help a member state in trouble – nothing was done to help Italy until months after things got bad there. I wish every country severely affected by this horrible virus all the best, and that definitely doesn’t involve the EU.

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