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“New day. And new thoughts. Plus new strength. As a result, new possibilities.” – Karen Salmansohn

Positive, Positivity, Motivate, Motivation,sunrise,space,outer space,globe,world,earth,flare,sunshine,beam,horizon,planet,creation,beginning,above,stratosphere,atmosphere,up,cool wallpaper,space wallpaper,space background,zoom background,DON CHARISMA

Quote of the day …

“New day. And new thoughts. Plus new strength. As a result, new possibilities.”


– Karen Salmansohn

Hope you like it.


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22 thoughts on ““New day. And new thoughts. Plus new strength. As a result, new possibilities.” – Karen Salmansohn

  1. Can only take life section by section.

    To eat the whole elephant requires focusing on a single bite at a time.

    Rushing or distraction will impede the progress. Careful thought ahead of time, i.e. strategy, is necessary to be effective.

    Every day is a new, see it as such and only in moments of reflection do you consider putting the pieces together and finding meaning.

    Lay the dots, and only lay the dots.
    Then connect the dots, and only connect the dots.
    Trust that things will connect.

    1. I have relatives who’d use those in a weekend – seems my lack of a vagina has it’s benefits in minimal amount of toilet paper required. But do I feel “male privilege” because of it – hell no.

    1. I think the author was trying to give words of encouragement. Sometimes life doesn’t feel full of possibilities, it’s the same for most people. “Charisma” seems to take a day off, for various reasons.

      Ultimately, short version – In the end up, it’s up to you to pull yourself back to a motivated and positive state – external forces sometimes are there to help, sometimes we have to do it on our own.

      Sometimes reaching out and telling a friend how you feel can bring one back to positive mental attitude. Other’s rely on their faith.

      Do something you enjoy doing today, or do something for someone else, that they’d enjoy. Write or speak to someone you miss, or haven’t written in a long time. Do you’re own mini-thanksgiving – think of all the things in your life you are grateful for.

      “When the going get’s tough, the tough get going”

      1. I became over the last weeks rather philosophical about my future as a writer and decided that the only good reasons for keeping writing are
        a. it gives me pleasure and
        b. allows me to process some convoluted thoughts.

      2. I don’t know your future Urban. Indie book writing is a competitive field, and realistically can take some long period of effort to reap rewards.

        There are many aspects of writing which one can do as a job – many firms have writers who do technical writing for instance (just one avenue, of which there are many).

        Some people write for a hobby.

        Some people find it cathartic to write.

        Some people can’t write at all.

        Jordan Peterson infers writing is the same as thinking. I seem to remember he has a course, I don’t know if it’s free or cost. Or whether it’s it’s up and running because he’s been ill.

        Overall it depends on your financial circumstances. If you need to make a living now, then maybe look at what kind of jobs are open to you. If you can afford to wait, or money isn’t an issue, then keep on doing what you’re doing until you get where you want to be.

        Writers do also get creative block, and it’s just as import to “be” as it is to “do”.

      3. I always had a plan B to put bread upon the table and provide for a roof over my head. As a matter of fact, I would never have started as a writer without it. It’s just that my writing gets drown into all this innuendo of amazon publishing every six minutes a new book. Who’s going to do an effort to sieve through all of that? And now you have even people who’re using bot’s to write books.

      4. So, you’re presenting me with a problem.

        Presenting a problem is the first step. Finding a solution is the second step.

        Solutions are found by research, and creativity. And (more) effort.

        Goal setting and planning is how some people find solutions.

      5. It’s not that I’m believing that my writing can’t be improved, but I feel rather confident about my abilities to finish first what I’ve started and to look afterwards to exchange opinions about my writing.

      6. Some people write things no one ever reads. There are many technical dissertations that sit in a library somewhere, for instance.

        I think the real question is – what business and sales skills do you have, and is that something you need to look into ?

      7. I’ve been in the same place, have my own problems Urban.

        All you can do is dust yourself off, try again. Or take a break, think about it, research and try again.

      8. Do some research into Tony and Chelsea Northrup. He has bestseller photography book on Amazon, and YouTube channel that gets a lot of attention. They are successful writers (& photographers)

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