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Coronavirus: Can It Even Be stopped?

Phil Mason PHD aka Thunderf00t – his take on current COVID-19 situation, posted about 2 days ago @ 15-Apr-2020 08:38 UK time.

It’s an interesting discussion on the dilemma we’re currently facing of financial survival vs health survival – is the cure worse than he disease ?

He’s a scientist not a finance guy – so, my sources indicate the missing $6500 that Phil mentions is likely going to wall street/1%ers. So same as always – it’s little guy/gals like you and I getting the scraps, and the elites continuing to get lion’s share of the loot – war, pandemic etc doesn’t matter. Still it’s better than communism, where we’d be getting nothing, and the elites would take the whole lot, if we weren’t in a gulag or reeducation camp for wrong think/speak.

I came across thunderf00t’s channel whilst researching identity, intersectional, and “progressive” politics and cultural Marxism – in which arena he seems to have gotten himself shadow banned on Google for speaking out about radical lunatics. His real name is Dr Phil Mason PHD, and by all accounts an interesting character, a scientist who likes to debunk bullshit on Youtube. From what I understand he works in research in Nuclear Power (or there or there abouts), is a keen Astronomer, traveller and does seem to be more moderate-left leaning than anything (but I could be wrong on that – I’m neither expert, or journalist, and I don’t know him personally)

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.


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