If COVID19 Can’t Bring Us Together Nothing Will

If COVID19 Can’t Bring Us Together Nothing Will

by Shelley (c) 8-Apr-2020

I think we can all agree that we are fighting a common enemy.  At the writing of this post 81,478 lives have been lost to COVID19, and infections have long surpassed 1 million worldwide.  Countries are in lockdown, there is great uncertainty and the world is gasping for breath, literally and figuratively.  These are extraordinary times like we have never witnessed, and you would think that we would cling to each other, help each other, defend each other against this common enemy, but yet we squabble among ourselves like seagulls on a beach fighting for that last piece of tossed watermelon rind.

Of course, the divisiveness is not easily apparent in many countries, and doesn’t exist in some, however here in the west it’s a free for all.  A few days earlier, reports of shipments of N95 masks being blocked from leaving the US incited anger and debate. [1]

Not only has the US blocked shipments of masks to Canada and Latin America.  It has also blocked the shipment of ventilators to Barbados.  Additionally, buying medical supplies at inflated prices while circumventing previously agreed upon contracts with other countries, is a version of “modern day piracy” as termed by The Guardian. [2]

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N95 masks, ventilators and personal protective equipment are in high demand.  In countries that did very little to prepare, the game to acquire these materials is on, leaving other poorer or defenseless countries to fend for themselves.  Is this a form of bullying?  And when all is said and done, what becomes of the relationships that are damaged?

Beyond the global squabbling, it has been noted that domestic violence is on the rise. [3]

As families are sequestered together, not all is wine and roses.  Perhaps more wine than roses and that may be the issue.  If there were cracks in your domestic relationships before, then those cracks have turned to chasms as many families are confined to their homes and time spent together is enforced.

In a recent article The San Antonio Express News states, “Last month, when local residents were told to stay home in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus, emergency 911 calls for family violence increased 18 percent compared to the same time in 2019, officials said Tuesday.” [4] This means that victims are facing greater hardships than just combating potential illness.  Lives are at risk and abusers are taking advantage of an already difficult situation.

To get a sense of the divide in North America you just have to visit Twitter for a short period of time where opinions are rampant even though they may be spurious and misinformed.  Typically based on political, religious or ideological beliefs people engage in combat with each other but contribute nothing to the solution or system at large.  Fingers of blame point in all directions, not recognizing that blame does little to alleviate a situation that is going to change our world permanently, in some ways not for the better.


At a time when we need to be physically apart, we need to come together ideologically. Work on the solution together. Find the common path beyond this crisis.  There is greater strength in unity than in any one individual’s belief system.

If COVID19 can’t bring us together, nothing will.  We’re sunk, and we deserve all we get.

Shelley (c) 8-Apr-2020



Shelley’s bio (in brief) – I dive into data for business and emotional intelligence, and because curiosity kills.  Data is a storyteller.  Measuring and analyzing data reveals the story and shifts decision-making.

Shelley has been a long time follower of my blog, and we’ve become friends.

I’m very proud indeed to present her writing to you, and her message of solidarity during this global crisis we are *all* facing.

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


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11 thoughts on “If COVID19 Can’t Bring Us Together Nothing Will

  1. For Shelley: Many hidden gems, in the things you write – and hard fact truths! I agree that coming together during hard times is always an intelligent thing to do; and about this common enemy. But this one is different from the ones we are accustomed to; this one is sneaky, works fast, punishes negligence, and will take many shapes and forms in the months to come – It is times like these that we see our strengths and weaknesses as a world society. Stay Safe Shelley! It was a pleasure reading your thoughts X

  2. Thank you for the post. I suppose in my neat little rock under which I live, I’m far enough from some of the world that I’m still shocked by how crude and brutal people can be.

    Where I am, I’ve noticed increased sociability and a receptivity that isn’t normally there. I think a lot of people are (at least subconsciously) forced to reconcile a lot of conflicting social messages during this unfortunate event. When the noise of daily hubbub dies, for a lot of folks, there’s not much left. I pray when this is over people remember this and turn the negative feelings into a positive motivator later to breathe life back into commercially husked out communities. Call me a Pollyanna, but I smell an opportunity under everything else about this flu that doesn’t smell right.

    Neighbours are more talkative. Lots of folks are getting back to nature. In my own clique, I’m trying to push the lads to use this uncomfortable isolation as a motivator to work on improving our cultural dynamics.

    But time will tell, I suppose.

    1. Yup -Time will tell.

      Not sure what we’re all going to do once we’re bankrupt though, and the 1%ers have been handed trillions by the FED (and presumably other central banks in other countries) – that’s what doesn’t smell right to me.

    2. To be honest Seax, I think your assessment is right. There is potential for a lot of good to come of this crisis. Families are spending more time together, neighbours wave and smile more often, and most are decent and follow the guidelines. The opportunity you smell is right. Let’s hope others smell it too.

      1. We just had our first son, wife and I. Preemie, fairly vulnerable there. Then this garbage happens. I’ve been politically conscious for years, but this whole thing has actualized the reality of the global market for me, along with the searing inequities which have aided and abetted in the production of this pandemic.

        I don’t know if the majority of consumer culturalists will see that the reduction of an entire Empire into a slave state (China) can only breed disease in dissent, or if globalism will turn India or Taiwan into the next slave market for cheap crap we don’t need.

        Ideally, it will force people to think local, to prioritise community and tangible assets over this gloomy consumerism and untenable global village that reduces whole cultures to selling points.

        Anyway. Rant over. The skies are clear over Maine, and I think I’ll work the land.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to write as your guest Don. I do hope we can all come together during this unprecedented time.

    1. We can only do our best, and hope that others will too. My overall impression is that most people are good people, and want to do everything they can to help – It’s why our world still goes round.

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